Ugh, feeling sick.......

  1. Yesterday, I felt like I had the flu all day, I stayed in and tried to sleep, but still didn't feel better. I know the flu isn't going around though. And ever since yesterday, I have had this pain in various places, like in my ankles, my wrist, my shoulder, my jaw, my knees, my elbow, and it hurts. It's all on and off, too. What could this pain be? Could it be connected to me feeling sick yesterday? I don't feel like I have the flu anymore, but I have all this pain in my joints. Is it necessary that I see yet another doctor for this problem(sick of seeing doctors at this point, have been having other things going on), or is it something that's normal and will pass? Anyone experienced this before?
  2. ive been sick for 2 weeks with a fever and achey all over. i dont even bother to go to the doctors anymore. i feel like i know her on a first name basis by now. i always try to just rough it out. i hope you feel better purplekitty! nothings worst then feeling like crap!

  3. ^^Thanks ehxtahcee!!
    I have been running a low-grade fever the past few days, too, and I developed this awful headache, and I never get headaches. I decided I probably am going to see my doctor on tuesday, just incase this is all related to other things that have been going on somehow. At least if she were to find something wrong, then I could get some medicine to get rid of this, I hate feeling like this.
    I hope you feel better really quick, ehxtahcee!
  4. ^ I hope you get better soon, I have no idea what it could be, but I'm glad you're getting it checked out.
  5. ^Thanks, Danica!!
    I made an appointment for my doctor and the soonest she could get me in is wednesday, hopefully she will find out what's wrong.
  6. I woke up feeling like crap, too! Didn't go to work today and hope to see my doctor. I think I need antibiotics...I have this awful, painful sore throat, throbbing headache, chills, fatigue, and low grade temp.
  7. My husband just had a virus that caused a terrible headache ... and a girl in my daughter's class did too. Seems like this is going around!