UGH! Fed up with cancelled bids & sellers ending auctions early

  1. I just want to vent, because within the past 3 days I have had 2 different but very long-hunted items from 2 different sellers end early by the seller. Both situations involved the seller canceling bids and ending the item and when I inquired about it each seller said they were offered a buy price and sold the item off eBay. :cursing: Now, maybe this is just sour grapes on my part, but isn't this very much against eBay's rules? Isn't this fee circumvention? Grrr.... I'm so fed up with people. I've never done this on any of my items for sale. I put a buy it now price usually, and if I don't, then I let the auction play out, no matter what. ESPECIALLY if there are bids already on it. I'm just so frustrated.
  2. I know, I've had the same thing happen to me a few times. If I would have known they were considering offers I may have made one, but to end an auction early when bids have already been placed seems really unfair... and definitely frustrating for people who have been watching the item.
  3. I share your frustration, the same thing just happened to me last week, ugh.
  4. Maybe I am just feeling BIATCHY but I would contact eBay and include the email from the seller about what they have done... I am so sick of scammers, shillers, nonpayers, and bogus bidders... and don't even get me started on the FAKE BAG sellers... sure you got it at Nordstroms...WHATEVER!!
    Really I would report both of them...
  5. In my auctions sometimes I put that I will consider reasonable buy-it-now offers and may end the auction early if I get a reasonable offer... :confused1:
  6. I have had MANY people offer me a price and ask me to end my auctions. Sometimes it bites me in the butt not to, but it really isn't fair! If my item has bids, then I let it run it's course. I know how you feel, it pisses me off too!
  7. Same here. I'm bummed when it ends early and it's not stated in the auction. It's a matter of courtesy letting other interested buyers know of the other options.

    What were you girls watching? Mine was a '05 Bubblegum coin purse
  8. It's WRONG, it is circumventing Ebay fees and you have every right to report them.
    If there are no bids, that's one thing, but to cancel bids, VERY BAD and not fair. I've been asked several times and refused. If there are bids, I won't cancel them because I've had bids on auctions, and I know how it feels.:cursing:
    I usually list mine with BIN or best offer options. That way everyone has a shot at making a best offer.
  9. I have accepted buy it now offers ONLY if there were no current bids. If there are, I let it play out and go by the rules....good sellers do. I would also suggest that if you see something you are desperate for to contact the seller...I often do that and sometimes it works out.
  10. I have had to end, not one, but several dozen auctions early one time and had to cancel all bids because my closet ceiling collapsed damaging several of the items I had for sale. I was getting a second phone line installed at my house and this verizon guy was in the attic looking for the cable when all of a sudden I hear this loud POOF and I looked up and saw his boot go right thru the ceiling and he came down crashed all over my clothes. Thank God he was ok and nothing happened to him. Everything, I mean everything was damaged - did get a profuse apology from Verizon along with a check for $1400 for my clothes (again, thank God, this guy was ok and no bags involved) and another $1500 for the actual repairs I had to go thru. I had a lot of people mad at me on eBay -but some people were very nice and understanding but the other buyers were extremely furious and had gone to this certain forum to complain about me. Since then I have had to change my userid, which was not a big deal, but I was upset with everything that had happened and it was out of my control. Sometimes these things happen...

  11. This is not at all what I'm talking about. I'm talking about getting my bids canceled and when I ask the seller why they canceled and ended the auction I am flat out told that a buyer offered them x amount of dollars to end the auction and they accepted. In one case I would have paid TWICE what the seller canceled my bids and ended the item for! I think it's only fair that if you intend to take offers outside of ebay (which is wrong) that you at least let everyone know that! Or do a buy it now OBO auction! :cursing:
  12. I completely agree that it's unfair, I've had it happen to me too. I mean if you are open to offers say so, how do you know I wasn't prepared to pay more than you were willing to accept?!
  13. Well, the bottom line is that the item belongs to the seller and many sellers have customers outside of eBay. We can and do offer them for sale outside of the eBay environment, and sometimes that means ending an item early. Is it fee avoidance? No. If you read the fee avoidance policy very carefully, it is not.

    From a seller's perspective, eBay's greedy as all heck, the fees just keep getting higher, buyer fraud is rampant (chargebacks, etc.) and frankly if I can sell to a repeat customer off eBay, who I KNOW will pay me promptly (and with wire transfer to boot which means no fees), then I admit that I have no problem doing that, and sometimes even doing it for less than my opening bid on eBay.

    Yes, I know it frustrates potential customers, and I am sorry about that, but I'm in business to make a profit... sometimes a known bird in the hand is definitely better than the unknown one in the bush.

    I actually just ended two auctions early tonight, including cancelling a bid from someone with truly ugly feedback of 78%, and I can tell ya, I am going to sleep JUST fine tonight because of it. I VERY rarely cancel bids, and just won't cancel a bid from anyone with decent feedback, but in this instance it was a disaster waiting to happen, I felt.
  14. Oh and BTW---about buyers who might be willing to pay more than the seller settled for--if this is the case, and you REALLY want something, I would recommend writing to the seller and communicating that to him or her! I know it means you don't get a rock bottom price, but you DO get the item.
  15. Ebay gives the sellers options of ending items early and cancelling bids, which means sellers could use the options IMO.

    The items belong to the sellers in the end of the day, they can do whatever they want to them, sell them as much as they want, sell them to whoever they want (of course, with no scamming involved).

    I buy more on ebay than I sell so yes I do understand your frustration. However, the sellers are profiteers and I totally understand the tricks they play to make profit (again, no scamming is allowed tho). You don't have to buy from the sellers if you don't like the way they are.

    Good luck with your search in the future.:heart: