Ugh ... Fake Sellers

  1. I'm sure we can all relate ... Fake sellers ruin it for everyone, especially those of us who are honest and selling authentic items, and definitely those of us who don't belong to ALVA, MPRS, or Powerseller.

    I was about to sleep when I decided to go on eBay to check my listings. One of my items has a "Made an Offer" option where offers below $1250 will be automatically declined. Well, I saw that there had been 3 declines so far. When I checked to see how much these ppl had offered for the bag, I was pretty miffed.

    For a brand new, hard to find bag that's authentic, I had paid $1810 + tax for this but there're all these fake version being listed on eBay that most are being sold at 300 bucks or less (the fake ones). It really annoys me that ppl either assume all bags of that brand are fake or that they can get the real deal for 50% off or less. Seriously, I would rather cut up my Goyard bag before I sell it for 50% below retail!!!!

    If it wasn't for those sellers of fakes, the honest sellers wouldn't have to deal with this crap. Argh!