ugh enough is enough!! time for a change!

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  1. I got back on track a couple of months ago, and completely fell apart at the start of june. since then i over indulged like i'd never eat again. i had my physical and my doctor gave me the weight talk.. "you know you've gained 17 pounds in the last year and half.. maybe you should start taking brisk 10 minute walks twice a day, eat more fruits..."

    I store all my weight in my thighs and then my stomach unfortunately.

    So what I want to do is loose 7-10 lbs and then start increasing weight lifting to build muscle? I know theres no point of working on abs and thighs weight training wise without some intense cardio to blast away the fat for muscle to show. this eating thing is going to kill me though! i need to figure out how to start and keep at it, any tips? thanks for listening! i should go running tonight.

    I wouldn't mind weighing 3-5 pounds less then my current weight if i was toned and had visble muscle.
  2. Hire a trainer. They will tell you everything you need to do to accomplish your goals. They keep me motivated. Plus they can be cute! LOL
  3. Find a motivation and stay focused! It's probably easier said than done, but I found my motivation when I was told I had to lose weight or I would need to have surgery to remove my ovarian cysts. This was motivation enough for me.

    Or put yourself in a bag ban until you reach your ideal weight! I've been following these two predicaments and even though I fail once in a while (hey, I'm only human!), I've managed to keep a steady weight loss.

    Just remember: It's okay if you pig out once, or if you eat something that you know you shouldn't. Just make sure it doesn't happen again all week, and don't blame yourself for it. You've got a whole new day ahead of you!! I actually reward myself for being a good girl all week with some Mickey D's or pizza :graucho:

    Congrats on your decision BTW! We've got your back!
  4. Yes! Start lifting heavy weights (not so heavy that you hurt your self but you dont be afarid that you are going to get super muscular) THEN do your 30 mins of cardio after you finish the weights. This will help get your body jump started then when you do your intense cardio you are already in the fat burning stage.

    I am a trainer and I highly recommend hiring a trainer for at least one session so that they can give you ideas on how what to do and make sure you are doing it right. If you decide to hire one to contuine to train you get one that will push you! I see people at the gym where I intern and some of the trainers let their clients get away with a lot and stop sets and not push them. I am the kind that like to kick your butt and make you keep going (its not for everyone), my mom loves comming in to see me. Just in the past month she has made huge gains and she is feeling awsome.
  5. ^^Thanks for the support!

    I would love to hire a trainer, but at the moment its not possible. Today though I wasn't able to eat becuase I had to have tests done, but today I ate:

    mini bagel lite cream cheese
    three granola quaker oats chocolate chip bars
    chicken and cheese sandwich with some french fries..

    tomorrow i;ll be better!
  6. You should focus on your diet- as in food intake. Try to make sure to eat at least 4 times a day... but go for 5. Portion control is VERY important!! Stay away from white foods- even potatoes. They are very starch filled. Go for whole grains (brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread and pasta), lean meats (chicken, turkey, and fish), and lots of leafy green vegetables and fruits.

    Start off with some cardio. I may have a different opinion- but I think you should take it slowly. Start with cardio and eating better, then add in some weights. You do not want to overwhelm yourself.

    When it comes to weights, I am a firm believer in low weight but more reps. I have had injuries and really just do not want to hurt my body or strain it too much- or get too muscular! Lean muscle!!!

    I hope this helps a tad!!!
  7. Aarti- sounds like you need to add some fruits and veggies!! Are you a fan, or not so much? Any little way to add them in would be great!!

    Also, see if you can buy a whole grain bagel- and maybe put on peanut butter (trans fat free) rather than cream cheese. That will add some morning protein- which you need!
  8. ^^that's a nice compromise to my love of bagels, thanks megs!

    i wouldn't usually eat like i would today, but i had back to back patients, and it was either run to cvs and get me a box of gronola bars to munch on through out the day, or eat the usual office goodies, bugels, chips, coolatas, baked goods, etc. etc.
    i should try some smoothies with whey protein and oatmeal with walnuts and berries like christina posted somewhere.

    I need to figure out a way how to add fruits and veggies into my diet.

    Are there any supplements I should take in the meantime?
  9. Yeah I frogot to mention about the food. Stay away from those snak bars! They are empty calories and no value. If I eat fruit for a snack I try to eat it with some type of protein so that it holds you over instead or elevating your blood sugar and then it dropping agin in an hour and being hungry again.

  10. I 'm starting to try and take better care of myself again too. It's not easy but what Megs said is correct. Another thing is to try and find exercise you enjoy,so you will actually do it. For example if you like to dance put on your favorite music at home and dance. Just get moving instead of sitting. Good luck . I will be trying with you . It's easy to give advice . It's not so easy to get off my own tush.
  11. this is a great plan

    I had a trainer just for a little while and they had me doing pretty much this same thing

    I would do three sets on each muscle set
    1st set heavy weight 15 reps
    2nd set heavier weight 12 reps
    3rd set as heavy as I could go without hurting self 10 reps

    I did the weight 4x/week with a couple of different muscle groups a day and then I did an hour of cardio 6x/week (I was busting my butt to look awesome in my wedding dress and it worked, and I've kept the weight off except for 5lbs for 2 years and that's including being almost bedridden and unable to exercise after back surgery). try to eat as little processed food as possible (snack bars etc are no good), veggies fruit, megs idea of mini whole wheat bagel with pb is v good. don't freak out about carbs just eat good whole grain carbs, grilled chicken, beans are very good, etc.

    good luck! it's really not that hard to lose weight, you just have to be honest with yourself and eat right and exercise, there are no magic pills or potions, it's calories in vs calories out. if there was a magic pill we'd all be skinny
  12. ^^thanks! after my surgery I'm going to start up again, I'll have to do 50 percent less then what I would normally be able to do, but it would be a start.
  13. I have found it very helpful to have a workout buddy- somebody who will meet you at the gym on set days of the week. That way you can't skip without having to call somebody! Make sure they are going to push you though! I had a friend who was great for this... but my husband was the WORST workout partner EVER!! He is so lazy and nonchalant about working out he actually dragged me down. I had to tell him that us working out together was not working out lol.
  14. sure! I didn't see what kind of surgery, was it back surgery (don't answer if you don't want to, it's okay)

    starting back slow is always a good idea, otherwise you could injure yourself or be so sore that you wont keep it up.

    good luck!!! I'll be back in the gym with ya (in spirit) hopefully by the end of the year!!
  15. My BF has a protein shake every morning and another at night. Protein helps burn fat. Also lots and lots of veggies, he can eat almost a whole bag of broccoli a day. Portion control, and eat as many times a day as you can. Try not to eat until you feel full. Also, dont wait until you are starving to eat, this makes you eat more then you should. Does that make sense?
    Good luck! You can do it!!