UGH! Ebay buyers, what is wrong with them lately! RANT!

  1. Okay, Ilisted a bunch of bags, wallets, etc last week. Offers would be considered.Some sold and the buyers paid, all is okay. BUT I have 3 nightmares!

    *A guy made an offer on a wallet, I accepted and sent him an invoice for that amount plus shipping. He deducted shipping and told me his offer was generous and I should pay for shipping. THEN he asked for the receipt, which I NEVER include. When he became a problem I refunded his money and notified eBay. He paid me 2 more times and I refused them. I got a nasty email from eBay saying I had to accept his payment! I do NOT have a good feeling about him.

    *Another girl made an offer on a bag, a generous offer, then emailed me and said oops, she only had $318 in her paypal account and I should accept that! (At this point I hadnt accepted her offer). Told her no and blocked her. She sent me 10 emails saying she wants the bag, blah, blah, blah. So I came up with an amount and told her to make the offer for it and to pay immediately with a confirmed address thru PayPal. She now wants the bag shipped to her sister in KOREA as a gift. UH NO! Oh and she has zero feedback. I blocked her again. And told her to take her scamming elsewhere.

    *Another buyer made an offer on another bag, I accepted, she sent me an email saying she would send a money order. That was 10 days ago and she hasnt returned any emails. She has perfect feedback. So I am doing NPB tonight.

    Whats with these buyers! I am sooo frustrated!:cursing: I dont care if they leave me negative, I am going to neg these crappy buyers if they continue to cause grief and dont pay, etc. gees.
  2. I'm sorry for this hard time you encounter... Such you and me encounter much nasty buyers in this period :push: For this mad man, go and contact eBay rgd your problem ( he deducted payment, ask for something that you never said in auction etc ) before he contact eBay and report you as non-performance seller
  3. Right! Scammer alert :cursing: Anyway, I can't understand why some ppl think they've to force sellers to accept their offer coz it's the only amount they have on their hand???
  4. Please relax, I can understand how frustate the situation... Take a depth breath. Hope everything will be fine soon :smile:
  5. Thats brutal, im so sick of stupid arrogant buyers and SCAMMERS!
  6. As far as the crazy man goes if your ad says shipping was the responsibility of teh buyer he has to pay it and if no receipt was to be included thats it...these were your terms and if clearly stated he needs to accept them as he bought your item based on your posting.

    Once again the woman needs to pay what she bid. Paypal will deduct whatever the remainder of the balance is from her bank account or credit card...she has to have her account attached to one of these in order to hvae the account.

    If these folks can't play by the rules they need to be reported to ebay.

    I sell on ebay a lot and I have a bunch of small items that I have been listing over the last few weeks...I am talking items under 100.00. As things are slow I have priced them a little under what I would normally. I accept offers too and it amazes me how cheep people are being. I had someone offer me 52.00 for an authentic prada bag. Someone else offered 60.00. I mean there is getting a deal and then there is being silly. I'm not trying to make a profit just clean lots of little stuff out of my closet.

    I think this is just a bad time of year to be selling.
  7. oh wow, so sorry you've been having such bad luck w/ buyers. I feel like my complaints are nothing compare to yours. The nerve of these buyers! I'm a seller and a buyer as well, but I would never buy something I know I can't afford or have the funds for. And I sure won't make an offer and tell you to just take it. Hello, there are other buyers not just me, so why would I feel I should get special treatment by paying lower shipping costs? Doesn't make sense. If I think shipping is too much or the item cost too much, then I'll just pass. I think alot of these ebayers take advantage of sellers. Would they go to to a store and tell them oh this is all I have, just take the money? I'm glad you stood firm and block these loser buyers!
  8. I hate these scammers, Im so pleased that you are standing up to these idiots! I never make an offer unless im serious but there are so many idiots out there! I know a girl who had an offer of £10 ($20 roughly)for an authentic mulberry bag, like are these people just crazy or stupid!!!
  9. its the moon and the weather ! it affects em all , totally mad ! Ebay are having a purge on sellers with too many negative feedbacks so would be a little careful about negin them too quickly , it might make you feel better NOW but might affect you when to sell again ,
  10. Oh geez, just reading these makes me mad!
  11. That's why I'm so scared to sell any of my unwanted goods over eBay. So many scam stories have scared me away! I don't even purchase any expensive goods over eBay just because I'm afraid of getting scammed or getting a horrible fake.
  12. You know what else I really don't like? I had a buyer wanting to retract a bid 3 hours before an item ended!!!
    She said the item would not fit her, but I listed the size and measurements. She didn't even know what the item number was and had to ask me.
    Zero feedback bidders...
  13. I listed an item below retail for around $120 and got a best offer of $25. Gee, thanks.

    I've got 2 potential NPBs right now, and I'm really getting irritated by ebay right now.
  14. I think it's the heat! So many people on summer vacation and have nothing better to do than making low ball offers or annoying sellers.

    One of my items had 11 watchers and dozen of questions from *potential* buyers. Luckily it was sold to a normal ebayer. Hang in there, things will be better... I hope.
  15. My favorites are the ones where you have tons of questions, tons of watchers, then they all just let the auction end and NO ONE bids. :mad: