Ugh! Did I make a *Heart* mistake?!

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  1. So, I picked up my gold heart on Saturday and now I think I might be regretting it. I was offered 1 of only the 2 pomme that they received and can't believe I turned it down. I'm just worried about what everyone is saying about the mirior being so fragile.
    I'm still waitlisted for the gold cosmetics case and the amarante heart. I was thinking that I wanted the gold to go with my mono bags and the amarante to go with all my amarante vernis pieces (I have quite a number of them). I bought the new amarante cles too.
    The pomme is so pretty, but I really don't have any other pomme vernis or anything that it would go with specifically. But it' s a :heart:RED:heart: heart, <sigh> so what does it matter?! lol!

    So what do you think? Should I return the gold one and *try* to locate a pomme at one of the stores that is yet to receive theirs? Or just stick with what I have/am getting?

  2. Firstly congrats! The Amarante Cles looks sooo delicious. If you're only going to use the Miroir heart as a bag charm it should be fine. On the other hand, did you buy the Pomme heart last year? If you haven't you should reconsider as heart in Pomme is stunning.:heart:
  3. I think you want the pomme heart badly:smile: I am not a fan on mirioir line... personally I prefer red one...perfect match with your amarante purses...
  4. Does it have to be one or the other. I would keep what you have and get the pomme, too. They will be such a hot item you can always sell one later if you need the funds more than the heart.
  5. Oh yea, I am loving that amarante cles! The size is fantastic. And it's so versatile too. I can even fit my big keys and car remote inside and still zip it up. That was an issue with the key holders and regular cles. I'm seriously thinking that I might sell my regular amarante cles now since I've found it to be nearly useless except that I slip it in my bag when I'm going shopping and am not carrying an amarante bag that day. It gives me something small to use for matching clothes and other accessories :tup:
    I suppose I can still do that with this larger one too. I'm just on the fence about the heart though. I've been waiting all year for this one, and I want to be really happy with what I end up with. I hate it when you have buyers remorse. That's the only problem with the LE have to make such a fast decision.
  6. I think you should tryo to locate the Pomme heart from one of the other stores. Hearts should be red. What's more beautiful than that? And Pomme as a bag charm goes with everything. At first I waitlisted for the gold & silver hearts as well but I asked my SA to only keep me on for Pomme and include me for the cosmetic cases. Good luck! I'll have my fngers crossed for you.
  7. Cosmetics cases are only coming in mirior though, correct? It was the pouch cles in vernis and the cosmetiques in mirior, if I understand it correctly?
  8. Personally I don't think you'll have a lot of heavy use out of the hearts so the miroir material being fragile isn't really a problem...KWIM?
  9. DO ! NOT ! RETURN ! You will probably not get another one! I don't think you'll have the miroir problem except maybe scratching with this as it's not going to be dented or squeezed, stretched or jammed. Hopefully. What if you end up with neither??? :hysteric:

    Pomme is hot! My store may not even get one!:crybaby:Get back on the list PRONTO!

    THe new clés are amazingly gorgeous!
  10. If it doesn't speak to you return it and wait for the Pomme.
  11. This is a very tough choice! I know what you mean about having to think fast with LE items. I have a gold Miroir Lockit and it isn't quite as fragile as people say. I am very delicate with it, but I am with all of my LV items. I think if you treat your heart with the same TLC as all of your other LV items you will get loads of enjoyment out of it KWIM?
  12. Perhaps you can wait until you've acquired a Pomme heart first and then think about returning the other? (Just in case).
  13. I think you should try to waitlist for the pomme heart at all the other stores, and hope they call you.

    Don't return your current gold heart, it looks fabulous! :tup:
  14. Congrats....Love the Heart & Cles. I'd keep them. Like you said you can always sell the old Amarante one. They're so pretty. Funny, I'm waitlisted for Pomme & Silver & now the Violette as well. I don't know what I'm going to do when the stores call me. I was originally just waitlisted for the Pomme & Silver and when I went to pick up the cles the other night I put myself down for the Violette simply because it was a pretty color and I don't have anything in Violette. Maybe I'll locate a Violette cles (cheaper) & just stick with the Pomme & Silver heart....I was no help at all.
  15. i'd stick with the gold heart. i :heart: pomme, but i think the gold would look good with both amarante AND mono bags. and yeah, as Karman said, i don't think you'd have to worry too much about the miroir getting damaged, as the hearts are mainly just used for bag charms anyway