ugh... cat hair!!

  1. Help! My entire house is being overrun by cat hair! I just saw an ad for pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair. Has anybody tried it? If anyone has a cat hair removal system that works please share. Thanks! I'm currently using the roller tape thingies but I feel like it still leaves so much hair.
  2. i've been wanting to try this for our house because our pom is leaving hair all over the place. i haven't had the time to run to target and get it, but when i do, i'll definitely post my review of it!
  3. Sweep sweep sweep and brush the cats every 3 days with furminator. Brush them outside if possible. I have 3 cats 2 siamese and they shed!!
  4. My pom knows when I wear black pants to work, because in the morning he rubs up all over me. Then I get to work and find hairs, I call it my dog "leaving me presents."
  5. furminator.
    salmon oil or omega 3&6 oils added to food.
    Dyson vacuum cleaner.

    In that order ;)
  6. The thing about the furminator is that it gets hair EVERYWHERE. How do you folks cope with that? I've tried brushing my cats outside but I spend most of my time trying to "hold them down" due to them wanting to run away to explore (they are indoor cats). Now I just brush them in the shower cubicle with the door closed and when we're done, I turn on the shower to wash all the loose hair away (without the cats in the shower of course!) ;)
  7. Good idea about the shower stall - I never thought of that! But doesn't it clog up your drain?

    I usually do it outside and then gather up all of the hair and throw it somewhere in the woods so maybe birds will use it to make a nest :angel:

    Once when I "furminated" my mom's Golden, I took a plastic bag and filled it up so she could see how much hair came off. But I guess cats would be harder in the first place to use the furminator on.... you could try the salmon oil and see if it gets any better in a month or two!
  8. i bought the pledge carpet sweeper and i LOVE IT!!! I highly recommend it. It's only $5 and i plan on using that little sucker until it won't pick up any more hair. I used it my microfiber section sofa, the large ottoman that matches (both of which hardly ever get the hair cleaned off cause its such a PITA), and 2 of my cat beds. the thing is AWESOME.

    i've also tried the scotch(?) thing, you find it in the section with cleaning supplies like sponges and mops and stuff... it's sort of like a velcro type thing... it works very well also.
  9. Ah...what I forgot to say was that I put most of the hair that comes off into a plastic bag but I then turn on the shower to wash away the loose bits of hair that cling to the floor or the wall. The drains have been ok so far.

    Where would I get salmon oil from? Do they sell them in petshops?
  10. ^^ I buy my salmon oil from ... but that's only because it's autoshipped every month with supplements that my horse takes.

    I've seen it in "specialty" pet stores, like stores that sell Merrick and Wellness brand food, rather than Petsmart - BUT I could be wrong and they might have it there. I use the liquid but it comes in gel capsules that you can shove down their throats or just open with a knife and add to the food.
  11. I use the Dyson vac recommended for pets. I have three ragdoll cats and their lovely creamy coloured hair is on absolutely everything - including my work clothes. I do brush them outside but it seems to help very little.
    I've just gotten used to all the hair and learned to live with it.:smile:
  12. we have the dyson "animal fur" vacuum cleaner and it does help but we have just learned to live with it. the animals run the show around here...

    "thats right, human..."
  13. I should probably just give up now, huh. :lol:
  14. Yes, I think that's what all pet owners will have to do. Unless you have the time and diligence to brush the cat all the time and use a good vacuum every day or every other day, the hair will always be there.

    I've just learned to live with it because I don't have the time to vacuum/brush everyday.
  15. I also want to get this. My 2 male cats shed a lot and there's always fur all over my apartment.