UGH! Can't decide on Monty GM or Neverfull MM

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Which bag should I get for this summer? Monty GM or Neverfull MM??????

  1. Monty GM

  2. Neverfull MM

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  1. Hi all,
    Ok. I'm still trying to figure out which bag to get!!! HELP! QUICK! Before I go insane.hehe:upsidedown:
    I'm a mom of 2. Medium build, 5'6. Casual style (esp in summer, I don't dress up!.)
    I currently own the Monty PM. I think it's a tad too small and the straps are a little snug. Thinking of selling on Ebay.
    WHICH bag should I get! HELP! So hard to shop online. Please fill me in on the pro's and con's of both bags. Hopefully THIS will be my final poll. The handbag search needs to come to an end (it's fun though!)
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  2. I would get the Monty GM. The zippered top is a big seller for me. Plus, it's such a cute style.
  3. Hands down - MONTY GM.
    The Neverfull is too "totey" for ME personally....:okay:
  4. LOL! I think I am the only one voted for Neverfull MM :P ... I have it and love it! It can hold so much and looks great hand held or shoulder carried. The straps are so comfortable and do not dig into shoulder :yes:
  5. When I bought my monty I was undicided about both, I had each in one arm.. The neverfull is nice but! it's open, it gets very saggy if u put something inside, and the thin leather strips in the sides r not that nice. the monty GM is compact, has a zipper and stays in shape. Although the neverfull will be great if u like very light bags and carry everything with u :biggrin: it's good for the gym, for anything!! anyways let us know what u chose ;)
  6. I dont like the Monty, at all... I love the Neverfull MM, so light & I actually like the open top (I havent had anything fall/spill out). The price isnt too bad either :smile:
  7. I voted for neverfull, great tote bag.
  8. Monty GM all the way. The shape is nice, it's spacious, and it has a wide opening zipper.
  9. Neverfull would be a good summer bag.
  10. I think the Neverfull is awesome for summer!
  11. I love the Monty GM, especially with the zipper closure and padlock!
  12. I vote for the Monty GM as well. Just curious, how far is the Chevy Chase boutique from you?
  13. HI!
    Chevy Chase is far..I'm thinking 3 hours? I live almost in Delaware on the Maryland -Delaware line...I think King of Prussia has a LV boutique.
    With 2 kids I never get there!
    THANKS for your help!!!!:smile:
  14. I have the Neverfull MM and I love it. It's so light, soft and I can fit a ton in it. I went on vacation last week and I was able to fit so much junk in my bag including my son's toys.
  15. Monty!