Ugh........can't me!! =) re: rivet

  1. Ok, so I wasn't so thrilled with the mono rivet bags in the they're starting to grow on me! :shame: My SA just called and said she had one and wanted to know if I wanted it?????? I told her I'd think about it and call her back........should I get it? I just keep thinking..."what if this is one of those bags that I decide I want later and then can't get it?"

    I'm also getting the Dentelle Speedy in silver, and a Chanel bag (I know, I know...but it's gorgeous..LOL). Plus I just got an Azur Saleya MM, LH, Damier Uzes (think that's the name) and Black MC Speedy (all within the last 2 weeks) I "need" this one? :graucho:

  2. yes!! lol
  3. Maybe you should enjoy the bags you just got?
    The mono rivet bags are cute though. But not something I would see myself carrying down the line. I tend to stick with classic bags..
  4. perhaps not, it seems to me you just get caught in the 'buy buy buy' phase considering you've had so many great purchase over the past two weeks.
  5. You already know what we're gonna say. Now go get it already:graucho:
  6. Hmm, is it the Pochette or the Riveting bag?
  7. I'd just hold've gotten so many nice bags recently, I'd want to enjoy the bags I already do have.
    And the Rivet bags might tire you after awhile...
  8. Do it!
  9. Its a LE right? I don't think you can ever go wrong with an LE.
  10. Get it!
  11. Go with your first reaction. SA's are pushing the mono rivet too hard for my liking. It's cute, but overpirced,IMO
  12. wow. you got a lot of bags in the last 2 weeks! if you're not sure you love it dont get it. you have so many other bags you just got and probably haven't worn you don't want this one to sit around too just to have it right?
  13. It's the rivet bag! :yes:
  14. I haven't followed your recent puchases, but I love this bag so obviously...;)
  15. Yes, I've gotten some great bags...seems like they all came in at once!! ;P I actually have used all the new ones....I'm making it a rule, any bag I get, if I don't use it within the first few days then it's not meant to be and I take it back. This helps when choosing a bag (so I don't end up with bags just sittig in my closet). So far I've only returned one bag (and it was a MJ bag) because it didn't get used!!