Ugh, buyer with unconfirmed Paypal address

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to sell this expensive Louis Vuitton bag on eBay for a few weeks on eBay. It finally sold tonight but the buyer (who obviously didn't read the item description) sent me the money right away even though his Paypal address is unconfirmed. I clearly mentionned in my description that I would not ship to an unconfirmed address ugh. He seems to have 100% positive feedback but I am not sure if I should proceed with the transaction. Would I still be protected with Paypal if I ship with a tracking number and delivery signature?

    Or is there a way I can ask eBay to void the transaction (and remove the selling fees I have to pay now that the item is sold) so I can refund the buyer and relist the item?

    Ugh I am so mad. Why can't people read?! lol
  2. You wouldn't have any seller protection through PayPal if you shipped to an unconfirmed address. I would email the buyer and ask them to get their address confirmed or provide you with a confirmed address, otherwise you won't be able to complete the transaction with them. Even if you ship the bag insured, delivery confirmation, all that jazz, you're only covered if the bag is lost. If the buyer or the buyer's bank does a chargeback, and you shipped to an unconfirmed address, you'd be out the money. And since it's an expensive item, you'd be out A LOT of money. If the buyer can't give you a confirmed address, you can file an unpaid item dispute and say that you have chosen not to complete the transaction because the buyer requested shipment to an unconfirmed address. I'm not sure how that works regarding getting your FVF back though.

    I personally never ship anything over like $20 to an unconfirmed address- just too risky, IMO.
  3. Thanks. I just emailed the seller to ask him to either confirm his address with Paypal or else I would have to cancel the transaction. I've also emailed eBay to ask their opinion on the matter.

    Should I refund his purchase, would eBay refund me the final selling fees (over 30 bucks!)? I hope so since all this ordeal isn't my fault :sad:
  4. I just checked and his address on eBay isn't the same as his Paypal address. Same city/state but different street. Seems like one is a house and the other is an apartment. Maybe he just moved recently? Anyways I'll wait till I hear back from him or from eBay before taking actions.

    Ugh, why can't people just read?! lol
  5. When this happens I email the bidder that they need to confirm their address in Paypal. I also have PP set up to hold transactions from unconfirmed addresses for my approval. I then deny that transaction and they also get message from PP when I do that - that they have an uncofirmed address and the transaction has been denied. They can confirm and resend the $. If they don't ~ I indicate that the transcaction needs to be cancelled in Ebay so my fees are recouped via Mutual Agreement...
  6. You will get your FVF back if you file a mutual withdrawal through ebay.
  7. Not only does your buyer need to confirm the address but payment should be be refunded and then buyer can resubmit with the confirmed address. Do not ship until all of that is squared away, you will not have seller protection if the buyer decides to file "item not received" (false claims of non-delivery). If the buyer fails to confirm the address, you always have the option to sell to the next highest bidder via second chance offer.
  8. i had this happen with a very nice and honest buyer who was inexperienced with paypal. i refunded her money, she got confirmed and then paid again. if your buyer refuses to get confirmed hopefully he will agree to cancel the auction. in any event, do NOT ship to an unconfirmed address -- just search the board for nightmare stories about what happens when you do.

    i learned recently a lesson: we (as sellers) cannot rely on people abiding by the rules of our auctions. there is no way to stop people with unconfirmed paypal addresses or zero feedback from bidding (why doesn't ebay allow us to block them?) from now on, i am going to monitor my auctions during the last 1/2 hour so i can cancel bids from unwanted buyers. it's a hassle but much easier than dealing with a problem after the auction has ended.
  9. So if I refund his money, I'm out of 25$ in Paypal fees and 25$ in ebay fees. That's ridiculous! :tdown: Should I just refund him his money minus those fees since they are his own fault or do I absolutely need to take a 50$ hit?
  10. Refund in full.... remember they gave you unconfirmed address, they can file and contest charges all they want and they will win.

    Your Paypal fees will be reimbursed in full upon your refund.

    Your eBay fees may or may not be reimbursed. But do not to ahead of yourself just yet. See if the buyer does the necessary steps - then deal with the other issues if there are any.
  11. How exactly should I proceed to refund his money? Is there a refund option in Paypal or do I need to contact them after I've refunded his money?
  12. Yes sign into your Paypal account. Click to view details (pertaining this transaction). On the transaction details page, somewhere near the bottom (scroll down), you will have a few links to choose from, one of the will say "issue a refund", click on that and on th next page this form will come up where you will have the chance to fill out a reason for the refund and also the amount of the refund.
  13. Thank you so much :smile: I'll give him a few days to reply to my email. With the holidays coming up, he might just be busy. If I don't hear back from him, I'll refund his money and relist the auction.
  14. You are very welcome =)
  15. I totally hear you....the last 5 out of 5 high prices auctions I had all stated in big bold letters that I will not ship to unconfirmed addresses and FOUR of the high bidders did not have confirmed addresses. People are complete morons sometimes .. READ the auction for goodness sake!! I refused to ship to them until they confirmed it.