UGH Buyer wants to send something back

  1. she thinks its smaller then she thought UGH BNWT Vuitton Cles! I told her no as my policy clearly states all sales final. Will paypal support that?
  2. depends what her reasons are.
  3. She said its not the size she thought it was..I have my fingers holding it in the pic though so you can see for size reference.
  4. oh tough luck for to eBay...or paypal..and ask what they think...just out of curiousity...which cles is it?? :graucho:

    but i would say most likely she will probably have to keep it,
    but more importantly...someone thats not familiar with LV or has never seen pics or measurements on eluxury before they start looking...reallly shouldnt be buying.
  5. if the measurements are in your auction & they are correct, I don't see how they could support that. Sounds like buyers remorse to me....
  6. That is not a legitimate reason to return something. Even if you did not specify all the measurements, as a buyer I would have contacted you and asked the measurements before making the purchase.
    Sounds like a buyer's remorse to me.
  7. If you put the measurements in your auction, you should be covered.
  8. what ever happened to people doing a little research prior to bidding? or asking questions?
  9. I didn't put the measurements in my auction, never even thought of it! I never thought someone would buy not knowing or asking what size it was! i have a picture of it in my hand so she would have to know, I checked out what she has been buying and she bought the same pomme cles a few days later for $20 cheaper! and that one listed sizes!
  10. Definitely don't refund, surely eBay will see that she is just trying to get her money back from you so she can save $20. If she didn't like it why did she buy another?!
  11. Tell her you stated in your auctions no returns but if she doesn't want it she can sell it in eBay
  12. As long as you have stated it in your description, it is not your mistake your buyer doesnot read thoroughly. eBay willback you up of not accepting returns. The only concern is that make sure the communication is documented properly just in case your buyer leave you negative feedback. Cheers !! :drinkup:
  13. Save all of your eBay emails! Make sure when you correspond with her that you do it through the "contact buyer" on eBay, not through private email. If you can prove that she bought the same thing a few days later, especially if she leaves positive feedback that she is happy with her purchase from that buyer, then say "no way!" and let Paypal handle it. I agree: it sounds like buyer's remorse, and to think she would return it for such a reason as the size!?! Not that it is damaged or defective, but that she doesn't like the size. Stick by your word on this one. Make sure you state your side to Paypal very clearly, without losing control or getting defensive.
    Heck, she can always sell it herself on eBay if she isn't happy!
    (in general though, you ALWAYS want to make sure to list the measurements on a handbag w x h x d and strap length, if applicable.)
    Good luck~ let us know what happens.