~UGH!~ Buyer wants me to wait for payment!

  1. I listed an Hermes scarf and had the "make an offer" option. A buyer made me an offer which I accepted. I heard from her via email thanking me and then nothing. I sent her an invoice and today, 3 days later she says she will pay me NEXT friday!


    She has good feedback, 4 negs but well over a year old.

    I told her to send me a post dated check since she isnt paying attention to my terms. That will save me PP fees.

    Whats with BUYERS changing our rules?


    Just venting. I feel better now.:p
  2. darn that sucks. If I need to make a longer payment then stated in auction, I alway ask the seller before bidding. rude of the buyer not to check with you.
  3. Don't feel bad Donna. I sold a bag that never made it to the PO. The buyer told me she would send a MO. It took her a week (my auction states 3 days max). When her money arrived, it was a damn check, far cry from a MO. She also wanted me to ship out my $$$$ bag without waiting for the check to clear. She was the biggest PITA ever! I still plan on negging the witch!
  4. I've got one of these right now, too--also for an Hermes scarf. I'm usually very lenient when people ask my beforehand, but this woman only wrote me like 5 days after auction end (when I sent the second invoice) to tell me she would pay me "next week" and was writing to make sure I didn't think she "fell off the face of the earth"--like it's a courtesy!

    Well, it's now officially Friday and still no payment from her. I told her if I don't get payment by the end of the day today, I'll have to file a NPB. Don't really want to do that, but what can I do?
  5. How rude. Some buyers are so inconsiderate. Why would they think this kind of behaviour would be acceptable?
  6. i have someone who bought something sunday and then emailed 2 days later and said she needed a little more time to pay. i told her she had until this sunday. you set the terms. just email and say i need it by xxx or else i will file against you with eBay and relist. if that's not acceptable to her tough noogies.
  7. I'm a byotch in my listings. I always do BIN and Best Offer. I set BIN for immediate payment. Under payment information I specifically say that if I accept their best offer, when that person receives my invoice accepting their best offer, they have two days to pay. So far all my folks have paid within 24 hours.

    I would SO hit that woman with NEGATIVE and turn her as NPB. If you've clearly outlined your payment requirements and she's trying to negotiate after the fact, screw her!

    As I was just telling someone about shopping online and eBay, if you want to buy ANYTHING online (NM, BG, Bloomies, whoever) you have to pay immediately or you simply won't get it. Why should eBay be any different? I take that mentality both as a buyer and a seller. Even if the seller has a BIN without immediate payment, I'll pay immediately. It's the only fair thing to do.

    By the way, four negatives in one year is NOT good feedback for a buyer.

    Rant off. Man I'm in a pissy mood today! :devil:
  8. I got a BO last night on a Chloe. I require immediate payment with my BIN's. I am anxiously awaiting payment from a 3 FB buyer. Hoping they pay early this AM so I can get it shipped this AM. Otherwise they will have to wait...
  9. The thing I don't like about filing a NPB claim is that we ony receive the final value fees, not the listing fees. On high end items, that really adds up. And I'm still afraind to leave negative feedback for them if they have responded during the dispute, because I don't want them to neg me in return. Doesn't seem fair.
  10. It sure sounds like this is the new phase of buyers we are running across lately!

    Well I emailed my buyer back and I told her I wanted a personal check dated for Friday. If she was going to make me wait I wanted to make sure I could avoid Paypal fees at least!

    I also told her if the check wasnt in my mailbox by Friday, I would file a NPB and leave very negative feedback.

    If thats what happens, I dont even care if she leaves a neg for me. I am just sick of these buyers!

    She has 4 negs from well over a year ago, and all positives since then, so I am hoping she will follow thru.

    I hope all of you get your payments too!:heart:
  11. My buyer did finally pay on Friday morning :yes:
  12. Geez, I wish people could follow sellers terms!
  13. Don't even get me started! I had this chic who sent me a message to ask me a question about a bag I had for sale and before I could even answer it she had done the BIN and then sent me another message wanting to cancel her bid. I was PO'd. I have one right now for a 1fb'er that again did the BIN last Thursday and I haven't heard a peep as to when she is going to pay. I try not to be an idiot to these buyers, but now I can see why some people can seem harsh on their listings. I'm still a relatively new seller.

    However, I did have lady that won an item yesterday and emailed me right away and said her PayPal wouldn't be funded until Thurs., but would be willing to pay by credit card now. I guess it was her first transaction on Ebay and she is just getting everything set up. That I don't mind. It's the other buyers who think it's a game to buy stuff and not pay or take forever to pay that really kill me!:cursing:
  14. I've come to terms that bidders generally don't read my TOS....I don't even know why I wrote them. I tell people in my end of auction letter if payment needs to be delayed please write me and we will negotiate. I now know that reads as "They will TELL me when they are going to pay" and there is no negotiating at all. I want to scream at the top of my lungs IFYOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY RIGHT NOW....DON'T BID! but it would do us no good. Ahhh...the joys of ebay...
  15. I have a question... If you file a NPB and then leave neg feedback for the buyer, is there a certain time frame where they can or can't leave neg feedback for you? I'm just wondering because I am usually reluctant to leave them neg feedback because I only have 92 feedbacks and it hurts my rating more than those who have more feedback. I did send a kind of harsh email to my buyer that if she didn't pay by Thursday I would be reporting her. I can't file my NPB until then. I am so PO'd!