UGH!! buyer wants a full refund because shoes don't fit!


Jul 5, 2007
I wouldn't offer a refund either. You provided both the French (39) and US sizes. It is up to the buyer to google and learn different sizing before buying them. I do not buy shoes from ebay because the fit is different for each style and I would rather get them from a department store where I can return if they don't fit. This is a risk of buying from ebay and I think you should just tell her to resell them herself.
Jan 18, 2006
I wouldn't take them back either. Especially since the size and measurements were in your auction. It's a buyer's job to know what size they wear in the brand they are bidding on. Everyone's foot is different.

Tell her to resell the shoes and don't worry about the feedback she leaves you. Hopefully, you have not left feedback for her yet. She paid you with a money order? Please. Tell her to kick rocks.


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Mar 9, 2007
I am what I consider to be a good seller and good buyer. I have made puchases that really didn't work out and would never DREAM of contacting the seller to take them back. Stick to your guns. You included the size/measurments in the listing. She bid - she paid - she owns a pair of shoes... PERIOD :yes:

Happy Holidays!

OK- This can be taken as BIATCHY - but this is what I put in my listings...

Ebay is like a nation-wide garage sale not a retail store. If you want something that can be returned ~ please do not shop my auctions. Please do your shopping at a retail store where you can be accommodated. I guarantee my items are 100% authentic. I describe all items completely ~ and try to go into so much detail, that in most cases your item will arrive better than expected. If you get your item and you decide for some reason you don’t want it. Sell it.

All items are photographed and documented prior to shipment. You will also find a zip tie on the bag when it arrives. That is my protection in the case that a bait and switch is attempted. I am a seller of REAL - AUTHENTIC items and I take care to protect myself from scammers. If for some unforeseen reason this transaction is not completed, the bag must be returned with the zip tie intact ~ once it is removed the item will not be accepted as the item that was originally sent to you. I keep all details of my transactions for 12 months including all emailed correspondence, photos, and written documentation of specific bag characteristics, which can ultimately be used as evidence.

LV Rawks

Jun 9, 2006
I do not think that you owe this buyer a refund. You put the information in oyur listing and it is her responsibility to research the item that she in interested in purchasing. I hope that it all works out for you.


May 29, 2007
I sold a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes that are a size 39 that do equal a size 9, for sure. I put measurements of the bottom of the shoes (they're flats) in the auction and the buyer is swearing up and down that they aren't a true 9 and they don't fit her and she wants a full refund.

I told her that I normally don't accept refunds, especially because of size discrepancies since I put the measurement on there. When I do accept refunds, I only accept 75% BUT I said because it's the holidays I'd do an 85% refund. SHE SAID ITS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

She told me that a size 40 is a size 9 after googling it. Depending on the shoe and the brand, it could be totally different. I have a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that are a size 38 european and an 8 US. What do I say? She says, "It appears that the auction info was inaccurate and as long as that info is provided, anyone who buys the shoe expecting it to fit a size 9, will be disappointed. Based on this inaccuracy, I'd like a full refund because I would never have bid if I had known of this auction's error. Since I will have to return the shoes, I will have to pay for shipping twice. Your consideration is appreciated."

I'm size 8 and I wear 38 in these shoes... my sister is a true 9 and wears a 39, these were her shoes. The buyer says they don't fit and a partial refund isn't acceptable.

am I wrong here? What do I do in regards for a refund?
Buying shoes online is tricky as some designers run larger than others and then some styles require you to take a half size smaller or larger than the norm. you cannot go by the standard translation of sizes regardless of who proposes them . I prefer to simply give the european sizes and let the buyers figure out for themselves because it is a quagmire!If you gave the measurements then it is just bad luck that they don't fit her feet correctly, and it is not your fault.

I would tell her that the auction details were correct and you cannot accpet a return at full price but you will provide her with the pictures so that she can re-sell them on ebay. unfortunately the eBay feedback system is flawed and she may leave an unwarranted negative but once again i hate to see sellers blackmailed by the treath of negative feedbacks
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Mar 26, 2007
I wear a size 10 and in Manolo Blahniks, that's a 40-- but Italian and French shoes are different I think... I would not offer her a refund. It's her responsibility to know her European size before she buys the shoes. You're not Saks Fifth Avenue, kwim?


Dec 14, 2007
Sometimes too much info on ebay can get you in trouble. When I've listed shoes on ebay, I don't convert to US sizes. If it's a CL 39, that's all I say, and I don't put anything in the pull down menu for US sizes. It might mean that my listing will show up on fewer searches (when people search for a size 9 it won't come up), but I figure that outweighs trying to convert a size and then being held liable. A Steve Madden 9 might fit differently than a Nine West 9, and the same is true with European sizing. If a buyer is going to pay the $$$ for an LV shoe, I would let them decide whether they need a 38 or a 40. The OP did give the measurements, which is good, but to be honest, I wouldn't have a clue how a certain measurement on a shoe would fit me. I do know, however, that I need a 39 in CL and Choo and a 38 in Blahnik and anywhere from an 8 to a 9.5 in my Harley boots.


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Aug 6, 2006
^^^Totally agree - dont list the US conversions anywhere in an auction, it's up to the buyer to decide if they want to take the chance on if that size will fit. Every brand is so different anyways, she's being irrational. I'd say that the 85% refund still stands or a refund will not be provided, given that it is up to the buyer ultimately to decide to take a risk without trying them on - you provided measurements, so unless those were incorrect, you have not misrepresented anything.


Mar 23, 2006
On the majority of sites I've visited they say that a UK 5 = EU 38 = US 8; so an EU 39 would be a US 9.

But I'm usually a UK 4.5, or even a 4 (and even lower in JC!) and I bought a pair of Sorels in a US 8, thinking they were the equivalent of a 5 (to be on the safe side) and found that they were actually nearer to a UK4, or 4.5 (EU 37 or 37.5), than a 5 (which worked out well for me, luckily).

So, on that basis, a 39 would actually be nearer to a US 9.5, or even a 10.

Personally, I'd offer her a refund minus 10%, but I appreciate that you may not want to do that.