UGH!! buyer wants a full refund because shoes don't fit!

  1. I sold a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes that are a size 39 that do equal a size 9, for sure. I put measurements of the bottom of the shoes (they're flats) in the auction and the buyer is swearing up and down that they aren't a true 9 and they don't fit her and she wants a full refund.

    I told her that I normally don't accept refunds, especially because of size discrepancies since I put the measurement on there. When I do accept refunds, I only accept 75% BUT I said because it's the holidays I'd do an 85% refund. SHE SAID ITS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    She told me that a size 40 is a size 9 after googling it. Depending on the shoe and the brand, it could be totally different. I have a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that are a size 38 european and an 8 US. What do I say? She says, "It appears that the auction info was inaccurate and as long as that info is provided, anyone who buys the shoe expecting it to fit a size 9, will be disappointed. Based on this inaccuracy, I'd like a full refund because I would never have bid if I had known of this auction's error. Since I will have to return the shoes, I will have to pay for shipping twice. Your consideration is appreciated."

    I'm size 8 and I wear 38 in these shoes... my sister is a true 9 and wears a 39, these were her shoes. The buyer says they don't fit and a partial refund isn't acceptable.

    am I wrong here? What do I do in regards for a refund?
  2. Since you don't accept refunds (AND you listed the measurements of the shoe, AND it's not your fault that the shoes don't fit perfectly), I personally wouldn't accept the refund. I'd just have her relist them for the same price and offer to pay her listing fee. I did this once and the buyer seemed ok with it.
    Someone else will probably come along with much better advice though. :smile:
  3. I wouldn't even do that. I'd have her measure them & only take them back if the measurements weren't accurate.
  4. I'm scared she's going to give me a negative! For the shoes not fitting right!
  5. There's a difference of opinions on sites as to whether a 39 or 40 is a size 9. For instance, NM says a 40 is a 10. I wear a size 9 but wear a 40. Another person can wear a size 9 and wear a 39. Sometimes it makes it tough buying shoes from websites because each one sizes it differently. I know to ask before I buy whether a size 9 is a 39 or a 40. You put the measurements in the auction. That's all you can do. You can't guarantee the fit. I've relisted shoes on eBay because I bought them there and they didn't fit. It's part of the risk of buying shoes and not being able to try them on. You know that going in.
  6. even if you are in the right by having correctly provided the measurements, it might not be worth the hassle of fighting it out with her. unfortunately, a PIA buyer can make your life hell (negative feedback, chargeback) so depending on what your gut tells you, you might just decide to suck it up and refund her money after she returns the shoes.
  7. How did you oringinally convert the size from European to American? My calculation is that a European size 39 is technically an American size 8.5.
  8. louis vuitton is french and frech 39 is usa 8 (your buyer is correct). italian 39 is usa 9.. i will attach the shoe size chart here for you.

  9. The sizing usually depends on where the shoes were made (France, Italy etc)
    If you stated the measurements on the listings, then I don't feel you need to give her a refund. We all take chances buying shoes without trying them on,
    and most ebayers realize that eBay is not Neiman Marcus as far as returns go. I agree that you should go with your gut, it may not be worth the hassle
    to deal with her. Good luck. and sorry this happened to you.
  10. I personally think anyone buying shoes on eBay should know their size in that brand and style of shoe. If they don't, they shouldn't expect a refund. I've certainly bought shoes that didn't fit and have realized it was my mistake, not the seller's mistake. Part of what keeps ebay so cheap is that it is not the same as a department store, and the buyer takes certain risks to get the goods so much cheaper.

    So, if you measured and accurately represented the size of the shoes, it's not your fault in my opinion. But I agree that it may not be worth the hassle. Do you have a second-highest bidder who might take a second-chance offer if you take them back from the buyer?
  11. she paid with a money order... what if i give her a refund and she still leaves me a negative? she's being kind of stubborn. i don't think she should take it out on me because she didn't realize what she was buying.
    possible response??

    Hi there,

    I apologize for not responding sooner, I've been busy with family things all day today. I truly believe that the shoes were accurately described. These shoes were my sister's, she is a true 9, these fit her perfectly. I just looked at a few pairs of my shoes and I am a size 8, which is equivalent to a Louis Vuitton 38. I described the shoes as a size 39 and size 9 and that is what they truly are. I also measured the sole so the bidder can compare it to their shoes at home to see if it will fit.

    My auction specifically says that I do not accept returns. I'm really trying to be lenient and work with you by accepting a return and I'm even bending my rules. I am sorry that is unacceptable to you; I've tried to compromise with you but because we can't come to a compromise, I will not be accepting a refund on the shoes.

    I looked up Louis Vuitton conversion to US sizes and found a conversion chart on (the only place to purchase authentic Louis Vuitton goods other than I found that a size LV 39 is the equivalent to a size 9 US. I really don't know what else I can do. I feel like I put the measurements and also put the accurate LV size 39 on the auction. I have included a link to the chart on eluxury below my message, along with a copy of the LV to US conversion chart.

    I shipped with Free Delivery Confirmation and Free Insurance. I gave you the option to take insurance and you declined paying for it, but I didn't want the package to get lost especially during the holidays. I've been charged eBay listing fees and final value fees, totaling $7.52.

    But again, I've tried to work with you, but on my auction it states that I don't do refunds. Sure, it's the holidays and I do apologize for the inconvenience but I don't really see that I am at fault because I did everything that I could on my end by listing the sole measurement and also the size of the shoe and my policies are clearly stated in the auction. I also state in the auction that before bidding, I expect the bidder to agree to all terms on the auction. Part of the terms is that I don't accept refunds. Then it also says not to bid if the bidder doesn't agree with all terms on the site. Unfortunately I am not a retail store and I don't keep inventory, I was selling these for my sister, and I can't accept refunds. I have truly tried to work with you on this but I am sorry that we couldn't come to an agreement. I really hope you know that I'm not trying to be rude at all, but I have bent my rules to try to accommodate you and everything I'm trying isn't acceptable. Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I am sorry we couldn't amicably compromise on something.
  12. that's a lot of words to say "no refund." how are you being lenient and bending the rules? i'm not saying you're in the wrong by standing your ground but dancing around it by trying to convince her that you're being accommodating when, in fact, you are refusing to refund her money is only going to maker her more angry. you need to decide if you are going to refund her money or take your chances that this will escalate into a dispute. if the latter, keep it short and sweet and be firm: i am sorry the shoes don't fit but i clearly listed the measurements. as for the possibility of negative feedback even if you refund her money, there's always a possibility that someone will leave you negative feedback -- you can't live in fear of the loonies. if she does, you post an explanation. i no longer care if someone has negative feedback (so long it's not too many) if it seems like there was a good explanation.
  13. i originally told her i don't take refunds but because it's the holidays i'd make an exception and do an 85% refund of the final auction price. then she said no and said it was my fault because the shoes don't fit her and i was incorrect with the sizing so she wants a full refund because if "she would have known, she wouldn't have purchased"

    ha, seriously?? i don't think anyone plans on purchasing shoes that don't fit. when i purchase shoes online, i only try to hope that they fit :smile:

    so how do i deal with this irrational buyer? i really don't feel like i did anything wrong!
  14. Like the others have said, this is the risk of buying from ebay. My shoe size can be either a 6.5 or a 7 so I can't buy shoes online unless there's a return policy. If you stated they're a size 39, she should have checked into the conversion herself. If you said they were a 9 and they're really supposed to be an 8, that's still her responsibility to see if your auction was correct, in my opinion. She should just say, "My mistake" and resell them herself on ebay (for a little bit more to recoup any loss). Good luck!
  15. I would not offer refund. shoes sizes can varry, buyers take chances when buying online.