Ugh, broken push lock on NY satchel :(

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  1. I bought a NY satchel from bonanza about 2 weeks ago, listed as excellent condition and used only a few times.

    I was shopping today, and when I went to close the push lock, it just came apart in my hand!

    I emailed BE but will they repair it since I bought it from bonanza? And even if they will, I assume I have to pay to send the bag, and for the return postage (I'm in the US). That seems like it really add up.

    It's been 2 weeks, is it worth it to bring it up to the seller?

    Or is this the sort of thing that a cobbler can take care of cheaply/easily and I should just deal with it myself.

    Here are some pictures. I don't know why the parts look so old/dirty. Is this normal?

  2. Sorry this happened for you! This shouldn't have!

    Yes, I think BE will repair this for you..they have repaired some of my bags..but the postage will be on this will be costly (:

    Not the seller's problem per se, since you used the bag and accidents like this can happen..but try and write BE..perhaps they can send you a replacement, so you can have it fixed by your local cobbler?..or they might surprise you and repair for free ;)

  3. so..did you get it repaired?