Ugh! Break out!

  1. What can I buy at the drugstore tomorrow that will get rid of the pimples I am developing around my chin area? I am so sick of this! I am 41-I am too old for this! ugh!

  2. Oxy? I use it when I have for me.
    But it can dry your skin if you put too much. A friend of mine use toothpaste...havent tried it though but it works for her.

  3. Since this is something new to your skin, maybe try something sacyllic acid (or however it is spelled) first, it works for some of my friends who don't break out often. My skin is more problematic so I stick to benzoyl peroxide products. At the drugstore they're usually about 5-10% benzoyl peroxide in the products, it will tell you. That is more drying than the sacyllic acid stuff. But, beware, it can bleach clothing and bedding. So be careful with it.
  4. Nishi, I went through exactly the same thing you did and I am 42. It is mostly likely hormonal because I never ever break out on my chin and for a period of months I had very painful break outs with blemishes.

    I finally got Olay Regenerist cleanser (has salicylic acid) which I use in the shower (use liberally) and follow it up with the Clear Skin Gel (benzoyl peroxide). You can order this at This stuff is absolutely amazing and a lifesaver, my chin was clearer in a week. The Olay cleanser smoothed my skin alot.

    I think you have to figure out which formulation works... salicylic acid works on my moderately oily face. I've read the alpha hydroxy stuff works for flaky skin so be careful when first using, they are both acids.
  5. Nishi, this isn't a skin care solution because I haven't mastered that myself, but you recently got the MAC Studiofix, right? Your breakout could be from that. You might want to lay off of it for a few days or week and see if you clear up. Since I've switched to the Chanel Double Perfection from the MAC, I see somewhat less breakouts (although I have rosacea and acne and it's never totally in control). I've heard of the Studiofix breaking others out also, so I just thought I'd mention it. I'm actually going back to the dermatologist this afternoon. I hope he comes up with something different because what he gave me the last time hasn't worked:sad: .
  6. I thought about that Tammy-but, this was happening to me before the Studio Fix. it's just soemthing about my skin I guess-thanks though.

    I think I will try the Olay Regenerist stuff-i think I can get that at one of the drugstores around here. thanks ladies-will let you know what works
  7. I am in my mid thirtys and started breaking out like a teen, I have bought ProActiv and I share it with my teen and it is a miracle product and I got all cleared up in a matter of a few days. I bought it on ebay! Wonderful product and I recommend it to everyone!