Ugh, blisters!! Any advice?

  1. Summer is finally back again, and with it comes all sorts of cute shoes and, for me, all kinds of blisters!! My feet end up looking terrible all summer because they are just covered in blisters. You'd think that I was just a dolt and wearing crummy shoes, but I'm not! It doesn't matter what sort of shoes I wear, I get blisters. I've tried comfort sandals like Birkenstocks (gave me awful blisters) and Born, run of the mill flip flops, soft leather sandals, ballet flats, wedges, really everything. One summer I had to wear dressier sandals for work, which of course gave me blisters, and I actually have a very visible scar on the top of one foot from getting too many blisters in the same place. My feet don't callous, I think that's the problem. In the winter I wear 2 pairs of socks with every pair of shoes to keep the blisters away (I have to or else I have blisters all winter too), but in the summer I'm stuck. Any suggestions? I bought that new Bandaid blister stick, I'm going to try that.
  2. I am sorry for your poor feet! Mine are sensitive, but not as bad. Right now I've healing two huge blisters on the back of each heel b/c I didn't wear heavy enough socks with my sneakers a couple of days ago.

    Unfortunately, the only thing I can ever do with cute shoes is to wear shear foot things I get at the drug store or panty hose :sad: .

    Good luck! I hope you find a solution.
  3. its so unglamarous but where your shoes around the house with socks. and i am a die hard believer in elizabeth ardens eight hour cream. also you can buy a little bottle of surgical spirit from the pharmacey and rub it over your feet every other day (it stops the skin being so delicate)
  4. Ouch! I hope that the Blisterstick works out for you.
  5. I've heard anti-persperant used on the feet is supposed to help.
  6. Oh my gosh... I could have almost written this myself! I must have sensitive feet as well, because almost ANY kind of shoe can give me blisters, especially when I have to walk or stand for any longer amount of time...

    I already have horrible feet from taking pointe for years, so the added wear & tear doesn't help!!!

    I bought one of those "Blister Stick" things, that looks like a mini deoderant (dark green bottling)... is that the same thing you've picked up?? I'll have to check, but I think Bandaid makes it. I haven't been able to try it yet - we'll have to see if it works...

    I did find some shoes made by Michael Antonio the other day that are cute & haven't given me blisters yet!! *knock on wood* Here's hoping!!! ;)
  7. I'm not sure what to suggest for sensitive feet, but maybe you could try wearing the shoes in more for short periods of time? I know at least with Birkenstocks, there's a wearing-in period when you get blisters, and it hurts to walk in them, but after that, they soften up completely.

    Maybe try walking around the house in them with socks on?

    Good luck!
  8. got two blisters this weekend wearing my black!!
  9. Thanks for all of the advice! Yes, I did buy the bandaid stick but haven't tried it yet. I've been wearing my Vans Slip Ons with socks to try to allow my feet to heal a little bit! I'll let you know how it goes.

    I wore the Birkenstocks almost continuously for 5 months because I was so stubborn about breaking them in, and I still never managed to get them to be comfortable. I would get really bad blisters on the soles of my feet. I've heard that Birkenstocks work for almost all people but for some they just really don't, I don't know why.

    Next time I'm at the mall I'll try some of the Elizabeth Arden cream too. And maybe I'll try deoderant too, couldn't hurt! I do think part of the problem is that my skin is pretty soft and moist, so when it rubs against leather blisters immediately ensue. It's nice to have soft skin on my hands but not on my feet!
  10. I bought a heap of Birkenstock sandals last year & don't find them particularly comfortable but I did find a great pair of thong sandals by Ecco. Their styles are usually quite old but these are young, cool & comfortable!