Ugh Balny!!!!

  1. so here's my first Balenciaga NY vent... :cursing:

    i've been calling them for the past 3 hours to order some new tassles for my blueberry day, and mind u, i'm calling from vancouver canada, which makes it long distance and rather expensive, and i let them know each time... and everytime i got through, they freggin' put me on hold for AGES....!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric: i've called them more than 5 times now and everytime i mention 'tassels' they go "could you hold please" and leave me hanging!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!
    so i've waited for about 15 mins on each phone call and pretty much hung up after...:dots:

    WHAT THE HEYYYYYY......!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because i'm not blowing big bucks doesn't mean i don't count!!!!! SOFA KING PISSED...!!!!!!!
  2. i herd they do that alot, i feel you
  3. whaaat?? that sucks. how long does it take for someone to just take your order for some tassels!? i mean, the last two bags i've ordered from them have taken me less than 10 minutes to order!
  4. Yeah that happened to me once now I only deal with Kim.
  5. Sometimes it makes you wonder about these SA's!!
    Good Luck!!
  6. You need to ask for a PERSON and not say anything about tassels...I think that might work better. I recommend Kim (she will be in tomorrow).
  7. I don't know when the news was announced, but BalNY is now taking names for the Fall colours, I bet they are just unbelievably crazy ass busy today. You know how popular Violet is going to be. It may just have been a really bad day to call!

    I wish you well,

  8. plus they`re taking orders for the limited magenta ! it must be phone hell in there ! :yes:
  9. I called twice yesterday to order a mu clutch. I usually deal with Daphne but obviously she's gone so I asked for Liz per Daphne's instructions but she was busy and never called back. I was thinking it was b/c I was only spending around $500 but it sounds like they must be really busy.
  10. Oops...luckily i didn't try on that as i know it will be more expensive to call from asia to Bal NY, Therefore, i have no choice but to email them and also due to the time difference, i do not want to wake up middle of the night to call them....esp i'm not sure if they are aware....:smile:
  11. should i just email them then...? :hrmm:
  12. I have the same trouble with BalNY from Australia. I now won't buy directly from them. It's just too much hassle and I always pay HUGE duty & tax on anything they send me. I want to get my Yellow First from BalParis, but I heard they aren't taking a waitlist :confused1:
  13. Good luck with that too...I've emailed several times and never get a response. :cursing: Maybe you should try calling them back one more time and tell them you would like to order a particular bag, then mention the tassels that you also happen to need, and then when they get your CC info just say "Oh, I've changed my mind. Just cancel the bag order and send me the tassels." At least you would have their attention long enough to place the tassel order! :p
  14. Oooh! I have been waiting for a thread like this so I can voice my rather picky/petty/whiny rant about BALNY. I ordered my first Bbag from them a few weeks ago. When the bag arrived, it was not in it's dustbag, just wrapped in tissue paper. No Bal box. Just the crappy shipping box that was all beat up from the trip. And no note from the SA, although she was nice on the phone.

    Granted, if I hadn't discovered this forum, I wouldn't have thought of these things, but still!

    /rant. Hope you have better luck getting your tassels!
  15. Mica - that sounds really out of character for BalNY. I have always received bags from them shipped in the original Balenciaga box with the dustbag, etc. You should definitely call and ask for the box & dustbag to be sent to you (at no charge).