ugh. bad first experience with JAX

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  1. I have never called them, no reason to as I do all my business with a boutique. Anyways, I called to get information on how many Lindsays they have left in stock. I got the RUDEST SA. First, she didn't understand my question "Hi! Can you tell me how many of item #12475 Lindsay shoppers in teal you have in stock?" All I got was a snotty EXCUSE ME??? And then in the same snotty tone "We can't tell you that, we can only tell you if its in stock" Well thank you, rude SA. It's obviously in stock since its FEATURED on the websites HOMEPAGE. :cursing::cursing: You could be atleast a little nicer to a customer who wants to SPEND $800. Oh well. :tdown:
  2. Yeah. I have a :heart: & :cursing: relationhip with Coach and it all comes down to their SAs.

    Take care,
  3. Sounds like lately its hit or miss with SA's.
  4. Maybe I've been spoiled by the wonderful SAs at my local boutique (shout out to Southdale in MN), They are always so helpful and nice, and even when my fiance ventures into the store without me they know him and ask about me, ect.
  5. Aw that sucks nawth21, I've had rude SA's as well when I've called there... its kind of a 50/50 shot when you call there... sometimes I get the nicest SA's, sometimes I get the rudest... I would call back and get another SA, I'm sure they will be able to tell you how many they have in stock, otherwise call your regular boutique and they will tell you...
  6. Try asking for Diane. If they ask what it's in reference to, just tell them that she was recommended as the most helpful and pleasant SA that they have on staff. They absolutely can tell you how many are in stock! I'm so sorry you had this experience.
  7. That sucks - id say stick with the boutique or the website. Loads of PF'ers seem to be having similar problems with JAX recently x
  8. Wow ! I know what you mean though some of the CS reps at Jax when I have called are so nice and helpful other are like why are you calling? I would call you store also they can look it up for you real quick!
  9. Call your boutique, they can also tell you the quantities in JAX.

    I think the JAX SAs aren't actually supposed to give out quantity info, but so many do, so we are spoiled. (I know I am!) I have better luck when I phrase that question to JAX/SA as, "do you have many of this color?". Then they seem willing to offer more info.

    But it's the luck of the draw, there are some JAX/SAs who operate strictly by the book!

  10. I agree, it's luck of the draw. Anytime I've asked JAX for the quantity available , they always tell me.
  11. I can sort of see why they wouldn't want to say how many, because if they have too many it may seem to people who only care about what others have and what is "popular" that an item isn't selling well. I think probably if they only had very few the SA would tell you that there aren't many left as a generalization though, so you don't miss out, right?

    I work in a fine arts theatre box office, and so it's sort of the same here, we don't want people to think that the theatre is empty so we won't give exact numbers out because eventually the seating will fill up, and so it doesn't really matter - but some people think that just because it's not getting full when they decide to call that it is an unpopular event and will not want to attend. Same principle I think.

    BUT if Coach policy is that they are fine with giving out numbers, then the SAs should do it!
  12. Oh I knew there wasnt too many left, the SA told me last night the # and I wanted to confirm it with JAX - but it's moot since my mom surprised me by ordering it for my birthday (which was why I was waiting the first place) YAAAY lol
  13. Ugh, I was just coming on here to vent about my Coach delivery and how i need to call JAX when I noticed your post. I get nasty people more often than not when I call and I am dreading calling there about my problem. ALthough, I am in a fairly nasty and fed up mood today anyway so they better watch out - LOL!

  14. Congrats on the gift! Happy Birthday:flowers:
  15. That is atrocious! Whatever happened to the customer is always right, and keeping the customer happy? Dear me, with them having to lower prices (according to a thread on this forum) you would think they would be bending over backwards to keep customers spending!