Ugh...Anyone "cheat" on Mother's Day?

  1. :shame: There was so much good food in my house! Uck, I'll get back on track tommorow! Anyone else in my position??
  2. Hold on....let me roll myself in front of the computer so I can tell you how much I ate today! I am hitting the treadmill tonight and will try to work off all I put in today.
  4. I didn't "cheat" until the desserts came around. I ate 3 cookies. :shame: I am not going to beat myself up over it. Tomorrow is a new day.
  5. My son took us out for Mothers Day to an incredible buffet with champagne and mimosas and the most amazing array. So here I am up at 4AM nursing a too full tummy.
  6. I have been cheating ALL weekend!! Whoops?!?! But it tasted soo good...
  7. OMG! I ate sooo much the whole last week ending w/ mother's day. My husband was home from work last week b/c he had back surgery so I stayed home to take care of him. I was sooo bored so all I did was eat and online shop. Then mother's day capped it off - big brunch out, ice cream, etc... On top of it all, it's that time of the month so I feel like such an oompa-loompa. I gymed it today and will take spin class tomorrow, but I am really feeling down about myself. Just have to get back into my routine I guess.
  8. I don't call it cheating, per se, I call it reward for all the hard work of being a mother,:biggrin: an indulgence, if you will.
  9. Any brunch holiday, I always cheat. There are always major desserts and I have to try them all.