Ugh, another bad day for my LV

  1. Since school started I've been taking nothing LV to school except my Damier MM agenda.. it has gotten a few comments from my best friends who know my addiction well.. today at lunch the girl at my table was talking about hows he needed a new purse and this was the jist of her convo..
    I need a new bag but everyone has a vera(which at my school, unfortunately, is true) and i think coach is too load and dooney is too young... and worst of all is louis(and she said the s part) vuitton (pronounced "Vooton") its soo 20 years ago and tacky.. and i really dont feel ike spending 100 dollars one something that everyone has fakes of :nuts: and then she started attacking my agenda how its ugly and she doesnt understand why id spend like 45 dollars on it... and then she goes ohh sorry no offense..


    LV is not 20 yrs ago if she wanted to be specific it about 153 yrs. old and TIMELESS.. also its like 1k for a bag and 500 for my agenda and its pronounced differently.. i know this doesnt sound so bad but she was soo rude! but i didnt say anything i just let it go

    Sorry for whining...

    PS on a positive note, take a look at my wishlist IM SOO EXCITED ill post someday
  2. Soco, Glad you kept your cool. Rude people aren't worth or energy. Unfortunately, rude people don't know that they are so 20 years ago and tacky!

  3. haha thanks DesigningStyle I havent seen you on here in a longgg time? Still thinking about that KOP meet?
  4. Uhhh LV 20 years ago and tacky?! :rolleyes: Gimme a break! Sounds like the only thing that's tacky is her...I wouldn't have said anything either! People like that don't even deserve a dignified reply!
  5. Sounds like that person was trying way to hard to be on trend or something!
  6. Totally agree!!!!
  7. Ugh I know, right? :rolleyes:

    I'm glad that you kept your cool, Soso. :smile:
  8. Well everyone has their opinions, I'm sorry her's hurt you.

    I'm glad you got your Keepall 55! What canvas did you get it in?
  9. You love you stuff and that's all that matters. And it's obvious that she has no clue what she's talking about.
  10. I decided to go with mono... soo classic.

    theres just something about a mono keepall
  11. Haha! You shoul've said "ahh, they've been around 20 years and yet you still can't pronounce it right? BTW, they been around 150+ years and it's pronounced 'loui veeton'!"

    Congrats on your new acquisition!
  12. I think people make comments like that because they are jealous and wish they would have a (voo-ton) hehe
  13. Sounds like she's terribly jealous, has bad taste, and is unintelligent...good thing you didn't waste your time with a response...I think it's time to start toting some of your beautiful bags to school, though...I think your bags would be able to defend you better against this scrutiny than mere words would be able to!
  14. There are tons of LV haters out there...I just ignore them. If ANYONE says ANYTHING about my bag though and I can hear it I would definitely say something back. Good for you for keeping your cool.

    If I were in your situation, I would've said something to her like if you're gonna insult the brand next time make sure you educate yourself on how to properly pronunce the name first :roflmfao: Loos...voot'en!! (If anyone's into Russell Peters you would understand ;))
  15. People can be very judgmental, I have friend saying similar things too, but I just totally ignore what he said, cause in the end , no matter how much he trashed about LV, it doesn't change me in anyway.Even one of my best friend who is also and LV lover, also made judgment to my Suhali bracelet, saying it is too expensive and no point to get that bracelet, I should get a bag instead.But what the hell, I am happy and confident with watever decision that i made.