Ugh...Am I alone in how I feel?

  1. Ok....I like variety in my collection consists of mostly Marc Jacobs and Coach Legacy leather bags....I don't really discriminate. I also love the look of the LV bags :drool: and some the Coach Signature bags are pretty cute too BUT....I can't spend a ton of $$$ on canvas/cotton!!! I am the only own that thinks it's nutz?! (Just watch next month I'll be knee deep in monogram LV bags.:p)
  2. ITA! I feel like it's only worth buying a purse if it's made of lovely... squishy... fragrant...leather.
  3. Yup. Agree.
  4. I have to agree. Although I do love the LV denim monogram speedy's, and just the general shape of the speedy. If it was in some kind of leather, instead of canvas, I'd probably buy one.
  5. I agree too. It's not that I don't like canvas bags, but I just wouldn't pay as much for them.
  6. Oh my! I made that relevation the week before last week, I'm still wanting the Portefeuille Accordeon (575), and I still want Azur accessories, but once I spotted and held the Prada Saffiano zip wallet (270 from 410), I was really hesitant, but I realized it was close to what I was looking for, leather, wear from scratches wouldn't show, and its actually all leather, as opposed to the LV material

    Hah, it was like I smacked myself in the head, "DUH" go for the bluefly deal XD, especially after seeing pictures of old monogram items. :{

    I am totally determined to get something suhali someday though, even if a cles is 285, it just seemed so much more better off than getting the multicles rabat for 210. I still love everything else they have, but Suhali is my pick of the bunch!

    As awful as it is, beautiful leather just can't be denied!
  7. 1st lemme say snoopy laughs i have a prada saffiano wallet and it is my love !!!! i am SOSOSOSO happy i got it , i love it to death DEf go for it

    ANd as far as the topic I TOTALLY AGREE it just erks me to spend $400-$800 on CANVAS when i could get some AMAAZING leather at that price

    i mean coach canvas the new carlys for instance, are super cute but the size i like is $428! for just a bit more i could get a beautiful ergo leather bag, or A bag from the legacy collection
    !?! to me that makes SO much more sense!!

    and LV i just dont like so that makes it easy
  8. i agree, i hate spending lots of money on canvas unless i really like it. i do have a few lv bags, and its nice because my damier ones can be tossed around and used in rainy weather since the canvas is low maintenance in comparison to leather. but canvas can be ripped or scratched, unfortunately.

    but yes, after i got over my LV obsession, i go for leather bags exclusively now. i just love leather!
  9. This is how I feel too... I like the look of a lot of canvas/fabric bags but cannot justify the price.
  10. I totally agree with you on this - can't believe the prices on the canvas Fendi BBags - I know I would stain it in a heartbeat and that would be that. I do have a fabric clutch, but it has lots of embellishents and I kind of blanked out on my canvas hating when I bought it.
  11. This is the clutch, BTW. Got it two days ago.[​IMG]
  12. Oooo....I love that clutch! I do have some canvas bags myself but I didn't spend LV prices for them. Its the dang price that aggrevates me the most!
  13. I wouldn't pay a lot for non-coated canvas, because I am afraid it won't hold up and get really dirty and shabby after a while. I saw a cute pair of Coach sneakers at Macy's, but I didn't buy them, because I didn't think they would hold up well. Coated canvas like LV is a different story, because it's sturdy and can be wiped clean.
  14. ITA! It's schoolbag material for pete's sake! My pricier pieces have all been leather. But, I do like that I can wash canvas and nylon. But I haven't spent more than $300 (Pucci tote for a friend, not me) for canvas and don't plan on spending more than $100 for myself.
  15. I agree with you. I do like some LV as well, but it's pricey, I splurged on one but that filled my need, I guess. Now I don't want more because I am into variety, I am an equal opportunity brand offender :smile: