Ugh, a STAIN on my white leather!

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  1. I have the Soho Large Leather Hobo with braided handles in WHITE - and I got the tiniest little pen mark on it. Any tips? It says NOT to use the Coach cleaner on the care card, so I don't wanna do that.

    Ughhhhhhhhh it's small but i'm SO MAD :Push:
  2. Baby wipes!
  3. This is a GREAT tip from bagnshoofetish who had a pen mark on one of her white coach bags.. get some rubbing alcohol (they're like 85 cents a bottle at Kroger LOL) and dip a q-tip in it. Blot the qtip a little on a paper towel and then gently rub it over the pen mark.. it goes away just like that! I tried it on the white trim of one of my pink leather Coach hobos and it worked like a charm.
  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm at work for another hour so I'm going CRAZY - I wanna run home and try these :smile:
  5. ^^ Rubbing alcohol works wonders!
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