Ugh! A potential nightmare, but it all worked out (so far)

  1. I've been selling off and on for a few years and thankfully have never had a nightmare situation (knock knock).

    I've cleaned out my closets and sold a bunch of vintage and newer coach that I no longer want as I'm into other things now.

    I screwed up big time though!! With three of my bags, I had wallets that matched, so I thought it'd be nice for the winner to receive a matching wallet w/the bag, esp since the pieces are no longer being made.

    So, this was the first time I'd sold 2 at a time, filled out the template and at one point it asked me how many items so...(some of you are saying 'oh no' out loud right now, i'm sure) I typed 2, since I had the wallet and bag!!

    Upon viewing my auctions, I had no idea that it showed to the buyer that I had two sets of each, and no one ever emailed to ask me (that'd be a red flag to me).
    So, the auctions end, and two of the three sets, had 2 winners!:wtf:

    I was in an awkward dilemma of not only picking who to sell it to (I chose the buyer who paid first :shrugs:) but I had to let the other know my error.:sad:

    THankfully, it has all worked out, but it was hairy there for a day or two.

    I thought this might help another neophyte like myself from making the same mistake! (Am I the only dumb one?! LOL Don't answer that!! LOL:lol:)
  2. You're not the only one. I did that before too, but luckily I caught the mistake before the auction ended and eBay was able to help me fix the listing. Don't feel bad...we all learn from our mistakes!
  3. Well at least the buyers were understanding!!!!!!!
  4. ^^Yes!

    I was super apologetic, ate crow, yada yada and one replied w/a 'that's fine, just refund me'...not happy but understood, obviously.

    The other poor gal, I felt so bad. She sent several emails asking me to figure it out and 'here's my letter from eBay telling me I've won' and 'here's my paypal reciept' and "this is the exact bag I've been looking for"....ugh! I felt like the biggest piece of doo! But, in the end, she understood that there was nothing I could do that I just screwed up royally and she accepted the refund. Whew!
  5. Actually, that's realy nice of you to care so much! I'm sure there are sellers out there that would have asked the "winners" if they were willing to pay extra to get the one set you had available. Yours was an honest mistake, and you handled it professionally.
  6. Ahhh..thank you!

    I know for a fact, had I not apologized so much and admitted how I screwed up completely, etc., that I'd still be battling as she was very upset. I think (or hope) that most people are decent and understand human error. I'm so thankful these two ladies did, as I wasn't sure at first about the latter of the two.
  7. Glad it worked out, could have been a nasty situation!
  8. OMG... Im so sorry, thats never happened to me, but I can feel your pain since ive made some mistakes on auctions sometimes too.. lim glad that the buyers understood since you were apologetic.. :heart:
  9. Listen to this:hs:!!

    I received a 'private' call this morning from eBay asking about the screw up, telling me my 100% feedback would be required to be lowered, on and on. I explained everything (In detail, of course...that's me!) and we probably talked 15 minutes.

    Then, my friend calls and asks if I got a call from her husband this morning!:nuts: I told her no and she asked if anyone from eBay called me!:cursing: I'm so embarrassed! Her husband made the call, never let on it wasn't legit and I had no idea! I'm SO naive!!:lol::lol::lol::lol:(Jerk!!:roflmfao:)