Ugh, 2nd LV purchase in less than a do I stop??

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  1. As the title says, just made my 2nd LV purchase in less than a week!! Ugh, my wallet hates me, and I'm hoping DH will not notice... And of course I want more!!

    How do you all stop?? Now I'm eyeing some preloved bags....
  2. It's tough for sure..What did you buy? :smile:
  3. Sometimes it just happens. LV is so great.
  4. it's totally an addiction! as long as the husband won't get upset lol
  5. You just have to pace yourself and enjoy what you have at the moment. Now where's the reveal?!
  6. It's the LV bug! You've been bitten!
  7. I know I have the same problem. Even though it is my own money, I make more than DH so I figure I can spend it however I want, he still makes me feel guilty about spending all that money.
  8. it happens to the best of us :smile:
  9. I feel you girl! Since the holidays I've done quite a bit of damage... I keep saying each is the last one, but ...why lie? :P
  10. Lol
  11. story of my life! lol
  12. There is no cure for LV addiction:P
  13. You didn't choose Louis Vuitton Bags, Louis Vuitton bags chose you! Lol! Thats what I always say. I started with one and said I was done and now I can't stop!
  14. Not gonna lie, I'm in your same boat this week!

    I was vintage browsing this weekend & blew the dollars I've been setting aside for a new Artsy on a preloved XS Mahina in Noir (!) & then miraculously found a baby blue Vernis Lexington pochette - the exact type of "something blue" clutch I've been eyeing for my wedding. And can use with the long vachetta strap that I use with other LV SLG's in the future.

    OP, I hope your DH does not notice! For what it's worth I almost feel pressure to invest in handbags *now* while my dollars are still "mine" and not "ours" so I don't have to answer questions down the road if that makes any sense.
  15. +1 , i'm kind of in the same boat, lol, except dh knows : )