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  1. what kind of uggs is everybodys favorites??
    i have the classic short chestnut ones, and im looking for another pair, but its so annoying.. everyhwere, websites and stores their SOLD OUT!

    i have found a pair of ultra talls in black, and an ultimate talls in sand in my size however..
    i really love love love the sunset and classic talls, but i cant find them ANYWHERE!

    any ideas?!
  2. I have a pair of black classic shorts. Next year I will probably purchase another pair (prefably tall's). Maybe chocolate's or chestnuts
  3. Uptowns, which I bought. I like them on bare legs, fastened tight -- it's sexy in a cutesy way.
  4. I have the tall in sand.
  5. Please check out our Glass Slipper Forum {show Forum} there's a lot of current UGGS threads in there now:yes:
  6. I have the Ultimate Short, which are more structured and really comfy! I love to wear them. I have a pair of slip ons too, just for casual and errand runs!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.