1. After saying that I refused to buy uggs...I saw my bf's sister wearing them all last winter, and raving about how comfortable they are...I'm thinking of buying a pair. Are they really that comfy? I'm kind of undecided whether they're ugly or decent looking. Help me decide...I want a nice, comfortable winter shoe. I'm a little tired of trying not to fall on my face when there's snow on the ground.
  2. Yes they're comfy!!!

    i have a short pair but wear them as slippers.
  3. Love From Australia Nomads.jpg LFA Brown Tibetan Boots copy.jpg
  4. They're extremely comfortable. I wear them under my pants so no one knows it's uggs I have on. You can do this if you get the boots.
  5. oohhh...those are cute...
  6. Yes uggs are sooo comfy and warm.

    This year I am getting the LFA Nomads as well! Do you find they are too bulky? Are they as comfy as regular tall Uggs?
  7. I've always thought about "possibly" getting some. But they look so hot...Are they?? Do your feet sweat?? I think they're really cute :yes: And Ya, look really nice n' comfy...but the "hot issue" stops me. They look as though my feet would melt off.:sweatdrop: LOL!

    Btw, I live in So. Ca. so it doesn't get freezing cold. Cold in the winter...but not like the East Coast, or anything.

    LOL, I just don't want to roast...:upsidedown:
  8. No, tey don't make your feet sweat at all (that was my biggest worry- sweat feet- and then smell- yuck!)

    But no, you can apparently wear it in the summer as well (sheepskin s breathable) though I wouldnt really!
  9. No your feet dont sweat. I have even worn mine in the summer in the am when its cool or when the ac is on and I've never had an issue. I love them.
  10. i hate how they look, but they are soooo comfy. i wear them to take the dog out in the winter and as slippers.
  11. If you want to wear them in the snow get the thicker soled bottoms I agree with everyone in that they are kinda over but way too comfortable to let go, I am getting another pair this winter.
  12. Thx all!! :yes: I'll have to ck. 'em out next time I'm out shopping!:graucho:
  13. buy them. they will change your life!! they are the UGLIEST shoes ever, however i'll never give mine up!! Even if they are a fashion DON'T!!! run out right now and get a pair!!!!!!!
  14. thank you! you all convinced me (doesn't take much to convince me...hahaha...) =) i'm getting a pair...
  15. I might get another pair this year. My little girl (13) wore her tall black Uggs today with Seven jeans and a black cashmere Joystick sweater. She looked so cute!

    I was unsure about wearing them again but when she pulled her's out today, I decided to get another pair for myself!