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  1. Hey,
    Well I am interested in buying a pair of Uggs. But I have a few questions about them.
    • Can you wear them on rainy days?
    • Can you wear them in hot climates without getting TOO hot?
    • Do you have to wear them with socks?
    • What style/colour is the best style to go with?
    Thanks alot guys. :heart:
  2. well, ugg's are very nice boots, I love them :nuts:
    but they aren't good for rainy weather. My feet were all soaked! They're not going along with hot days too. I once wore them when it was 90F in the shadow- I was melting:Push: You don't have wear them with socks, even in winter. They're so cosy warm:P I think the best colour is black, chestnut and sand. These colours go nice with everything. I think the best style is classic tall, classic short and maybe classic mini(they're so cute!).
  3. 1) Your feet will get soggy and gross. Unless you're going with the Adirondack Uggs.
    2) Yes if they're short. But they were supposedly made for surfers in Australia, so I suppose you can if you want to. I just wear mine in the winter.
    3) I don't.
    4) No idea. I'm pretty sure that they're not really "in style" anymore, so it's up to personal taste. Go with whatever you think you will actually wear.
  4. Another question ladies...
    Does the suade get ruined with rain?
  5. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No
    4. My favorite are Sand and Raspberry

    No, they won't get ruined in the rain. Some of the colors do bleed ab it (like Raspberry) so you will have to clean your UGGs the first few times to prevent water spots - but if you spray them with shining monkey or the UGG protector spray, you should be good. It takes A LOT of water for my UGGs to even get wet on the outside! Never got my foot wet on the inside
  6. My feet have never gotten soggy in my UGGs and I have the Classic style - they've always stayed perfectly dry in the rain and snow
  7. I perosnally wouldn't wear them in the rain as it does the suede no favours and they take ages to dry.

    NEVER wear socks with Uggs....yeuch.....your feet will cook! I'm always shocked when I see friends wearing them socks
  8. I really want a pair of Uggs. I have really fat calves? (calfs) though, so they don't fit me properly :sad: damn legs *chop*
  9. You actually can wear them in rain/snow so long as you use weather proofing spray. I got some a few years ago when we were going oot for a ski vacation, used the weather proofing and they were just fine. The water just basically brushed right off. I would think you'd have to basically soak them in a pool or something for your feet to really get wet. I wouldn't use them to shovel snow for hours, but just running errands or something should be fine.
  10. Ok, I have gotton my chocolate Uggs SOAKED, and after a little suede-brush they looked really good again. No socks! It is like wearing slippers, I almost can't wait for the fall :smile: Ok not in oder but they were made to keep your feet warm in the cold and cool in the heat, but I have never worn them in summer to test this. My favorite colour is chocolate then chestnut. The booties are really comfortable but show under pants when sitting (I don't care personally). The classic shorts are great and the most popular I think. Oh, and black looks good but dyes your feet black...yuk.
  11. yup..super true about the dye making your feet black. i have black uggs and i wore them for the first time with no socks and my toe nails got alll black. after that i wore them with socks..and my socks turned black. i love them though!

    i wore them once in light rain and i did notice that the suede fully absorbed the i wouldn't wear them in heavy rain
  12. If you want to see what one season of slushy water damage does to Uggs, here's a pic of mine:

    I love them tons and tons, but next year I'll either be purchasing the Adirondack Uggs or going with Wellies when it's wet out.

    When they get wet, if you don't have a change of shoe with you, your feet will be soaking and cold all day long. We're talking serious skin damage if you're not careful.

    It's not going to stop me from wearing them though! I now keep ballet flats in my purse when I wear them out, so that I can change my shoes when I get inside and out of the wet.

    Living in New England, it's hard to avoid those situations where they get soaked.
  13. Don't wear them in the rain! I bought water repellant for my uggs and i spray that on occasionally in case it happens to rain while I'm out in my uggs...but they're not good in water usually. the repellant is really only for a bit of water, like a drizzle. I personally haven't tried wearing them in warm weather. they keep my feet and legs nice and warm in the winter, so i assume it won't be as good in the summer. don't wear them with socks. i love the classic talls and the minis. i like chestnut and black the best.
  14. I wore my brand new uggs all winter through the snow through puddles through the rain no repellent and my feet did not get wet once I :love: my uggs
  15. * Yes you can wear them on rainy days, I've even worn mine in the snow.
    * I've also worn mine in hot climates and I didn't get terribly hot.
    * You don't have to wear them with socks. They were made to be worn without.
    * I think Sand would be a great color to start with because they'll match with a lot. The classic short is a good size, but I prefer classic tall.

    Also, if you're worried about taking care of them they have a preventative spray you can use before you anticipate getting them wet. They also have cleaners available.