Uggs - which style?

  1. For all you Ugg owners out there which style do you prefer and find yourself able to wear more, shorter or taller? TIA!
  2. I have 6 pairs of classic shorts and one sundance tall. I'm 5'2 and like them both over jeans. The good thing about the shorts is that they can go above or below the jeans comfortably and without looking too bulky. I do wish I had a pair of classic tall though, secretly, inside - but I drew the line after the sundance as my last pair (of 8!)
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  4. One I don't know the name of and the other I own are the classic tall (2 pairs.) I perfer taller boots. I actually HATE short boots so that isn't even a consideration for me personally. FWIW, I'm 5'8".
  5. Umm I have:
    ultra short in sand
    classic tall in chestnut
    some kind of slippers in chestnut
    a zippered pair in chestnut with cherry blossom embroidery

    I don't like the look of ultras, they look like workman boots to be
    I love the zippered pair the most because its easy to get jeans inside, and they fit more snuggly against my leg (and are warmed because of that!)
  6. i like the tall
  7. what do people think of the uuber short (ankle) ones that are $100?? thanks
  8. I have the classic tall and I like it a lot.
  9. I have several pairs of the shorter ones in the classic style. I love them since I am only 5'2". My daughters have both and love them. I don't like the ankle ones though.
  10. Sorry Swanky..I forgot there was a shoe section! Thanks for moving.

    Ok I think I'll look into the tall. I just don't want to look "squaty" in them. I did see on Oprah's favorite things she has the crochet tall boot but it looks kind of funky. [​IMG]

    anyone have modeling pics with the regular ones over their jeans?
  11. i kinda like these...what do you all think??

  12. I have the classic short & totally wished I would have gotten the tall, especially if you live somewhere where you get snow. I say go for the tall
  13. well i'm in houston so we dont' get to much snow. :smile: But I'd love a pair for when it gets chilly.
  14. i like the shorter one...
  15. I prefer the tall myself :smile: