Ugg's short classic vs. class mini?

  1. Which one do you prefer and why?
  2. I like the shorts better - I've had 6 pairs of them - they work well above jeans or under. The mini's look weird over jeans IMO
  3. I wear my jeans over my Uggs so for me shorts are better since it covers more area. I did buy classic mini from Shopbop, but for whatever reason they just didn't fit as comfortably.
  4. classic short for me. i tried on the classic mini and it just looked odd.
  5. i have talls and the mini..the talls i wear over jeans the minis i wear under...i love them!
  6. I have a few pairs of mini's and love them. They're lighter (cause they're shorter) and not bulky under jeans. I have a few classic shorts too, but I prefer the mini's with jeans.
  7. exactly why i like the short better too.
  8. minis are hard to find now but i still want a pair of them.
  9. I own and prefer the classic short and I really like them. I think the class minis just look kind of strange.
  10. Classic short over the mini:tup:
  11. classic short

    but my first choice would actually be the tall
  12. Classic Short :amuse: