Uggs Rant

  1. I have wanted a pair of Uggs since last year, and with my birthday coming up on March 23, I asked for them. My mom knows how much I want them, so after having a horrible year and something that happened last night that was just really bad, she told me this morning that she'd get them for me today!

    So a few hours later when it was 11 AM and all the malls were open, we called every single place in South Jersey that sells them, not to mention all the places that sell them in the King of Prussia mall, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them were SOLD OUT! :sad::sad::sad:

    I ordered them from finally,but still! Shouldn't I be able to buy them SOMEWHERE?

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Yes, I did.

    You can find them on eBay, and also on a couple of other internet sites.
  3. Yes, definitely! I was looking for a pair in the fall and had a really hard time finding any. In early December, I was very fortunate and I was at the mall just after Nordstrom received a super hupe shipment. They had every style, every colour, every size! I bought the pair I wanted and went back about 1 week later to see if I wanted anything else. Well, to my surprise, Nordstrom had almost nothing left in stock! I was shocked at how quickly they could sell that many shoes. Now, when I walk into that store, I'm lucky to find 1 or 2 pairs. They have definitely not received any big shipments since then.
  4. I found mine quite easily actually. But I bought mine a couple of years ago, so I don't now if that makes a difference.
  5. Bloomingdales in NYC has chesnuts,sand,black tall & short in stock since last em up =]
  6. Macy's in Milwaukee has tons too. :yes:
  7. Yes, Macy's in Milwaukee does have them. I got one pair off of Zappos. They are awesome. Plus, free shipping and returns. Can't beat that!
  8. I encountered the same problem when I tried to order/track them down for my friend. I called all of the stores that sell them in the KOP mall and the Philadelphia area. A lot of the stores told me (rather rudely) that they didn't have any left. I guess maybe a million other people were asking about them, too! :p I'm glad you found them online though!
  9. I moved to Philadelphia in 2001 for grad school, and brought a pair of Uggs from California with me to wear when it snowed (I like more height in my everyday shoes). I remember a younger classmate of mine telling me that people from there don't wear "Snow Boots", insinuating that it wasn't really cool :roflmfao: .
  10. I was out last weekend, and even the stores that used to carry them here are either sold out or have moved them off to make room for spring stock. Nevermind that it is snowing here!

    I guess I was just a little late on deciding, but Zappos doesn't have anything left in my size (last time I checked) and the wait from the site Uggs sells through is 1-2 months. I am still thinking I should order them so I am not left out in the cold when next year comes, though!
  11. I am sorry that they were all sold out.
  12. Oh, thanks :heart:

    Thankfully for some reason that had the Classic Shorts in Chesnut in my size, which was weird since almost all the other sizes have to be backordered. Guess I just got lucky!

    When I called Nordstrom's, they said that they only have Uggs out from September to February, and that the only ones that they might have were returns. She said the next time they would be getting them was in July.

    Oh, and she also said that the day before they had two pair of the ones I wanted in my size but they had both sold :crybaby:
  13. no quality retail store in the tri-state area has them unless you are a man or have feet that resemble big foots