Uggs on CL in Portland OR...a lot of them..but made in China??

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    Here is the address...I know this isn't a purse, but know there are Ugg fans be sounds suspicious to me!

    i have 10 pairs of ugg boots that are made in china
    these arent made by deckers
    have black sizes 6 7 2pairs of 8 size 9 and 10
    also have chestnut have size 6 9 and 2pairs of size 10

    email with what you need
    come brand new in the box
    dust bag and care card

    email is the key
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  2. Hmm... thanks for posting! If these are real, then they could be very tempting! I don't know much about Uggs, but ARE any of them made in China?
  3. Uggs are made in China now, and had been for a couple years.

    but the boots look off to me, and dustbags? I didn't buy any uggs this year but in the past years, they never came with dustbags.
  4. I got one of mine 2004/2005 and they are made in China. The Classics seem to be made in China. They never came with dustbag. I just bought my niece UGGS for Christmas and they didn't come with dustbags either.
  5. Girls, this could be a scam, i have seen the same add in Chicago CL and i compared the pics to my uptown uggs and the ones on the add looked completely different, but they had legitimate box and care kit, could be a real box with a fake boot. Please be careful, only buy from authorized stores. If the deal is too good to be true it probably is...
  6. Is there a price?
  7. I bought several pairs directly from Ugg Australia this year and they didn't have dust bags.
  8. hmmm. UGGs ARE made in china now (all of the classic shorts and all the really popular styles- only a few very select styles are made in australia and they are the less popular ones that change from season to season, not the UGG staples). I was pretty disappointed to see that the UGGs i bought from Nordies literally the April after the UGG boom were already made in china, so they moved production over there pretty quickly after they got popular. I have a lot of classic shorts and talls and they never came with dustbags BUT my mom just bought the UGG Broome's that someone listed on PF that were on sale at Saks and they DID come w/ a dustbag. So its possible that is a new thing? Be careful though, you never know.
  9. By the way, what the heck does that mean: "these arent made by deckers" huh?
  10. BE CAREFUL. Uggs are made in China. The Uggs in the picture are FAKE. Here are real Uggs from Saks. The box clearly says made in China. Notice that the Uggs in your picture have a different fur, completely different texture, color everything. The box looks real but the boots are not UGGS.

    By the way, I own numerous pairs of UGGS and the boot & shoes NEVER came with dustbags.

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  11. they look fake in the pic... i think what the person means is that they are "ugg" boots in the generic term. (not "Ugg Australia" boots) Deckers is the company that makes authentic "Ugg Australia" boots. So this person isn';t actually lying, but is being very deceitful
  12. By including pictures of the authentic UGG boxes and cards, I believe this seller is trying to pass their boots off as actual "UGG" boots. The only benefit I would give this person, if any, is that they do not know that the boots they are selling are fake. However, if the person is not offering a money back guarantee on authenticity, my bet is that the seller is aware that the boots are fake :tdown: uggs.
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