Uggs obsession

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  1. I really don't know what is the matter with me. All I seem to want is a pair of these boots. classic short in black or sand.

    What exactly is the problem? I don't really need them. What I need is comfy pair of slippers and I've got sheepskin bootie slippers coming for a lot less than the $120 or so I'd have to shell out for the uggs.

    I'm sure I'm just being greedy, but then I think of my new cigarette leg J Brands and how cute the uggs will look with them.... I'm really driving myself :nuts: !
  2. definantely get the uggs! they are a great investment!! I love mine, and I wear them everywhere!
  3. problem is that I can't buy something just because I want it. Surely some self-control has to come in at some point? :s
  4. I have two pairs of the short Uggs in sand and black and I love them.

    They are perfect for the weekends, or walking to and from work/school. You can dress them down or dress them up (kind of in a cute way).


    Look at
  5. I have 7 pairs - 5 classic shorts, 1 coquette, and 1 sundance - and I want more. It's bad. You need them - at least 1 pair - at least.
  6. Get them!! You will NOT regret it!! You won't take them off either!!
  7. I have 2 pairs. Chocolate and black. The best thing about them you don't have to wear socks with them.
  8. okay, I cracked. Well sort of. I went for an Ugg-like boot, a general ugg, as opposed to an Ugg. It's one of the aussie competitors, in fact, since it was on sale on (easy impulse shopping there since they've got my details already) and I didn't feel quite so torn over spending so much money.

    Plus, unlike the Ugg, I could get this shipped overnight to me really cheaply and since I'm going out of town and just can't wait for that yummy sheepskin, I went for the warmbat classic short in black. Here's a link: Kangaroo Classic Short Sheepskin Boots by Warmbat Australia.#.

    Plus the shape is rather Middle Earth, and that kind of appeals....:shame:
  9. By the way, if anyone's interested, there's a buy one, get one free offer at Warmbat Australia - 2007 Collection. Not Uggs, but still ugg-like comfy sheepskin boots and a way to get two boots should you not be able to decide between colours. :smile:
  10. I took advantage of that offer. Long story short, I now have 4 pairs of Warmbats. The first three pairs, I got in late '05 and they're great. The most recent pair, I ordered just over a week ago and just got 'em a couple of days ago. Something's different. The fleece is much thinner like the first pair of Ugg boots I ordered (and sent back the very next day). I love sheepskin boots, but now that my beloved Warmbats have gone to the dogs, I may have to give Uggs another try.

    How do you like your Warmbats?
  11. i absoulutley :heart: uggs!! i have 5 pairs!! :P :love: :shame:
  12. i have been debating uggs too, just for shopping and general errand running, i dont like the fact that everyone has them but i tried a pair on and they are SOOOO comfy!
  13. oh I am hearing you loud and clear lol

    I managed to avoid this obsession all the time when they were the boots to have, but this year succumbed, and oh my goodness, its love in a way that I have never experienced with ANY other shoe.

    its almost decadant, like going out in your pjs and slippers. I have just ordered the knitted pair too, so will keep you posted on how these are too :biggrin:
  14. I :heart: my Uggs
  15. I won't be a very good influence on you, b/c I say buy the boots! I have a pair of Ugg boots, a pair of mocassins and four pairs of slippers. I have never owned anything for my feet that feel so comfortable. Plus, I really like the way they look. I don't think you'll be sorry if you go ahead and get them.