UGGS - How can I tell-real or fake?

  1. Hi-I am not sure if this is the right location as I don't have a specific pair to authenticate. My question is if there is a rule of thumb or specific things to look for when shopping online for Uggs to determine if they are real? Are there actual web stores that sell fake Uggs? What do I need to know if shopping on eBay for Uggs? Trying to buy a pair for my daughter at a reasonable price without being put on a waitlist at Nordstroms. Thanks for any help!!! :tup::confused1:
  2. trust me, EVERYTHING is being faked. there are web stores im sure that sell fake UGGs
  3. YES, UGGs are ABSOLUTELY being faked.

    Try Zappos or - Free shipping and no tax.

    UGGs are pretty much gone everywhere until late February though, so good luck.
  4. Thank you for your responses. If I were to look at an auction listing, how can I tell the difference. Frequently, as competently as they are faked, there can be telltale signs. Anyone know what to look for? Thank you!!!
  5. I would say avoid buying Uggs on ebay unless you're sure of the seller.A lot of the Uggs on ebay are shipped from China and they're fake!!! I'm saying this from personal experience.Most of the sellers use stock photos so you can't tell by looking.
    FWIW,I would use live help on Nordstrom to locate stores which still have your daughters size and buy from them.HTH.
  6. Good advice - Thank you!
  7. Buy kids sizes! They're cheaper! & they actually go up to adult sizes.
  8. My daughter wears a 7 in Uggs. I think that is too large for
  9. OMG that just happened to me except the person is from Maryland. Did you get your money back? What happened?
  10. Same here... I was TAKEN for a pair of fake Uggs. I have a claim with paypal going on right now. I'm soooo hoping that I get my money back...
    The seller is disputing it! I cannot conceive of what his response would be. They are SO obviously fake and I paid 130.00 plus 15.00 shipping!
    Paypal said I should take them to a neutral 3rd party to have them state that they are counterfeit. Who would do that? I have a friend that works at Nordstrom and they said they do not do that for people.
    I have a REAL pair of classic tall Uggs purchased from Nordstrom and they are so different from the ebay counterfeits. I also have a real pair that I bought on ebay a year ago so, I really trusted that they would be genuine - based on the price too.

    Has anyone had this experience and actually received their money back?

    here's a helpful link
  11. That would be a size 5 in kids.
    I would suggest only going with sellers who have exceptional feedback (and that doesn't just mean numbers, read what people say and what they have bought)
    And don't buy from users with stock photos, or anything that looks suspicious.
    If you have some listings your looking at, post them here and we can tell you what we think.
    Good luck