Uggs Heritage Boots $79 at Saks

  1. What a steal! Thanks ikny! Does anyone know whether there is any free shipping codes?
  2. FREE SHIPPING <!-- END line 1 -->
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]<!-- line 2 -->on orders of $150 or more with code: NEWYEAR <!-- END line 2 -->
  3. Wow - that is a great deal -they still have a ton of sizes left. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Angelicious! But I am too broke to spend $150. Called Zappos and ordered from them and the total is less than $79+Tax:yes: Zappos is awesome :yahoo:
  5. Just got off the phone with Zappos, no good :tdown:. Good luck to anyone got the price protection!

  6. same here. they said they don't sell this style.
  7. Thanks a bunch! I just ordered some from Saks! My feet have been freezing this year. :smile:
    What's the advantage of ordering from Zappo's by the way? I have never ordered from them before.
  8. overnight shipping and free return. I love to get my shoes the next day.
  9. ya how did you get the price match? they don't even sell it at zappos or
  10. Ooh! That IS nice.
    I had always thought Zappo's seemed rather expensive. But, I guess if you can get them to price match AND get all's good! Maybe I have been missing out :rolleyes:
  11. Does anyone know if I buy at Saks online, can I return it at the store? I never return anything I bought online from Saks before. TIA
  12. i just got these from zappos from $77 using their 110% price protection policy AND i get them with overnight shipping.

    thanks so much!
  13. Yes you can! I have done this many times before :smile:
  14. Thanks! I just ordered 3 pairs of jeans and a pair of UGG. Thanks for posting such a good deal!!!