UGGs for Raynaud's?

  1. I have a pretty severe case of Raynaud's disease (a disorder in which your extremeties don't get enough blood flow when cold), and my doctor recently encouraged me to purchase a few pairs of UGG boots, as they apparently mold to your feet in the proper way to keep warmth to your toes. Only one problem: UGGs are insanely expensive (for me at least). I own other brands of shearling boots, but none of them seem to help my disorder when I get cold. Are UGGs truly that different from other brands, and if so, does anyone know where I can get some (maybe used) for cheap? I don't have more than 20-30 dollars to spend on them.
  2. Go on eBay and post in "Items Wanted" or "Favorite Searches"-then go through what they send you. I also have this problem, and it is true that they work-I can go out in very cold weather-(although my feet are also freezing in 80 degree weather) and my toes are OK-socks don't help, they work better without them. I have another pair of shearlings that don't work nearly as well-mine are 6 years old now. I don't know how much they are these days, but they are worth saving for-good luck, from one ice foot to another!
  3. I don't think you'll be able to get a pair of new Uggs for less than $30... even when they are on sale at places like TJMaxx, I see them going for around $50. Maybe you'll get lucky, however.

    Uggs are definitely worth the cost. They're fabulously warm.

    Your Raynaud's must be extremely severe. Have you considered that there's something else wrong besides Raynaud's? I have Raynaud's as well (by the way, I wasn't aware it was a "disease," I thought it was classified as a "phenomenon")... I find that just wearing a good, thick pair of socks plus sensible shoes will work even in a Chicago winter... this doesn't work even with the shearling boots you already own? I would definitely see if there's some other underlying problem.

    Hope you're keeping warm!
  4. Thanks for the tips.

    I've heard it called both. I think it is called Raynaud's disease or Primary Raynaud's if it is not caused by something else, and Raynaud's phenomenon or Secondary Raynauds if it is caused by an underlying condition.

    My case is pretty bad, but I think it affects everybody differently. I hardly ever have attacks in my hands, only when I am driving without gloves or holding a really cold drink. My feet, however, can get an attack just from a cold floor or standing too close to the fridge barefoot. I'm unaware of any other condition causing it, and I have had some bloodwork, but nothing extensive, so I can't say for sure. That will have to wait for after college.
  5. Wow - I didn't realize Uggs cost so much. Even the slippers are expensive! (I just checked the web page)
  6. I have Raynauds too....Never leave the house without my gloves....
    You ought to save up for the UGGS..They are worth it.Im allergic to wool and I cant wear them but my daughter uses them and they keep her toes pretty toasty...good luck ..I know what a PITA Raynauds is.
  7. I have a friend who bought a pair a few weeks ago. I don't know if she has Raynauds, but I do know she is always freezing. She keeps a blanket, extra socks and heater at her desk at work. Anyway, she said the Uggs were fantastic and well worth the money. She bought the Women's Ultimate Tall II.
  8. You can get a cheaper pair by getting the kids size...ex: the childrens size 5 is an adults size 8, I believe. My sister did this and they fit her fine.
  9. ^That's a great idea. I do that with clothes sometimes.
  10. I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and the pom-pom bedecked UGG-Inspired Lounging Boots from Wal-Mart are the only things that work when my feet think they are cold.

    The fancy and more expensive brocade Lounging Boots from fancy and expensive European companies do not even compare.
  11. I think I have raynaud's. My hands always seem to be the same temperature as the surroundings and they don't generate heat if I wear gloves. If I go outside when it's cold or hold a cold drink for a few minutes, my fingers start turning numb and white.

    I don't have the problem as much in my feet though, so usually just wearing socks keeps my feet from being too cold
  12. I wish wish wish so badly I would have read this thread earlier!!! I bought several pair of uggs from tjmaxx at prices ranging from 36. to 70...and sold them all on eBay. I would have just sent you a pair! Or, if you didn't feel comfy w/that, I would have charged ya a buck or two! DARN!! Have you found any?
  13. i am too cheap to get UGGs but I did get Bear Paws from shoe pavilion for $34...they definately keep me warm but I dont have Raynauds so I dont know if they will work for you...just an example, I was walking through icy rain and puddles and my feet were still fine and dry.
  14. Lol. I wish you had found it too! :p

    I have been checking at my local TJmaxx, but no luck so far. My solution so far during all this snow is to hole up inside and make hubby take the dog out:angel:.
  15. My feet are always cold, so I bought several pair of Merrell Primo Chill Clog. They are a great comfort shoe with nice arch support and lined in lambswool. On sale at Macy's, Dillards, Bloomies etc for about $50.00 ebay does not seem to be any lower price.