uggs - do you scotchguard or weatherproof?

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  1. are they ok to just run around in the water with or do you do anything to care for them before wearing them? thanks!
  2. I sprayed mine with waterproof Ugg solution. I think it will help with rain, but if you wear them in snow for awhile I think it's not as protective.
  3. I sprayed mine with the Wilson Leather & Suede Protector. I've worn them in the snow about 5-6 times and no problems.
  4. I sprayed mine with a weatherproofer (can't remember which kind... the one that is okay for all leather types) and I wear them in snow/rain etc. They've held up v. well. They're hot pink and get very spotty when wet, but it goes away completely when the dry. The only prob. I've had is with the dirt. They're a little greyish around the toe... but not too bad. I think the colour just shows dirt more. My tan ones don't show dirt at all.

    I use the spray once/twice per season as needed.
  5. Definatly waterproof them i need to because every now and then i get coaught in the rain and i get little darker spots from rain luckily they have faded alot
  6. I used the Ugg boot spray on mine, and haven't had any problems
  7. I just bought a pair of Uggs today, the classic short chestnut... anywho, hopefully the scotchguard is worth the money, cause i feel like an idiot for wasting 14dollars on them.
  8. Well, I only have black & ruby which I only break out in the rain, so... YES, I have to weatherproof them!

    ETA: I do so approx. every month.