UGGS... do they ever go on sale?

  1. just wondering if i should wait to purchase them after the end of the season...
  2. you can find them on sale all year long actually if you look.
    My Nords had a lot on sale at the end of November.
  3. yes! sometimes have those boots on sale
  4. A lot of times in the deals section of the forum the wonderful TPFers post codes or specials that are going on. I think there are several threads dedicated in that section to uggs.
  5. Shopbop has the $ 20 off when you spend $ 150 etc promos which I used to buy my Uggs
  6. i got mine at a Zappos outlet for $70
  7. ^^Zappos has an outlet??? Where???
  8. I 2nd that.:yes:

  9. I got mine at Lord & Taylor on sale, but only because the SA was really nice and offered me 25% off because all the other shoes were 25% off that day... :biggrin:
  10. I got a chocolate zip up pair at Nordstrom rack for 129.
  11. I saw a Zappos outlet in Vegas, not sure where else.
  12. Thanks! just checked out that thread and found some great sources.

  13. yeah, i went to the one in vegas..they actually have 3 over there:smile:
  14. I got a pair of chesnut ultra tall for $69 at Nordstrom Rack on Christmas Eve :rochard:
  15. ^^Wow that's awesome!!!