UGGS ! Comfy do or Fashion Dont ?


Are Uggs IN or OUT?

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    They have never been IN!

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    They were IN in 2002....but not any more...

    82 vote(s)
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    They are still IN for 2009!!! Wear them proud!

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    Other....just because:-)

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  1. They're nice to wear when it's chilly outside with no wet ground but in the hot season and when there is snow outside or when it's raining it really doesn't make sense to wear them.
  2. I love my uggs! I've had about 7 pair they're great, but you have to know the time and place to wear them. I would never wear them to a special event mostly when I'm taking a trip to the store or it's just a day to relax :smile:
  3. I own classic tall UGGs from almost a month and can say that these are the best winter shoes ever! They are light, they are warm and suit almost all styles of everyday life. I do agree they are not suitable for a disco club night, but I di believe they are in for every day! :smile:
  4. I complained about them for ages, got talked into buying a pair, and have never worn them. I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I don't think they're flattering. HOWEVER that said, I think you can do them well or badly, and I think some people wear them so they look especially bad - my personal favourite has been with fluro tracky pants tucked into them. NO!

    Also, I feel I need to point out that I'm Australian. Probably expressing my hatred for uggs makes me unAustralian :p :lol:
  5. Don't like Uggs. Look clunky and ditzy.
  6. Love my Uggs. Always have, always will love em. I live in the mtns so I need them to keep my feet warm in the winter. I don't care what anyone says about them. I like them and thats all that matters to me!
  7. I am more apt to wear them inside so my feet feel loved. Occasionally I'll wear them to a football game to keep my feet warm. I feel schluppy in them.
  8. Couldn't agree with u more... Back when they first came out I was thinking they were ugly and then I tried them on and I was in love. I now proudly have 6 pairs including snow boots. They are the only thing that keeps me warm and my feet were always cold in timberlands and any other boots. I lovvveee them and just ordered the sparkle black before they sell out for this winter season =)
  9. I love my Uggs, too!
    I wear them with leggings as my winter uniform. I have several styles and colors...even have the big "Furry Mama's"!
  10. i love mine. it snows a lot up here (upstate new york) in the winter, and i wear mine daily all winter.
  11. I'm a person that ALWAYS feels cold if the weather is, like, below 70 degrees. So I have a pair of short chestnut Baileys for fall/early spring and a pair of tall chestnut Bailey Triplets for winter. I love them tons, but of course they're not my go-to boots if I'm feeling like I want to dress up a bit that day. Anyway, they're still adorable IMO.
    Still. Uggs are a worthwhile investment, for comfort, if nothing else. :smile:
  12. They're nice for winter, but I can't wear them too long or my feet get hurt :sad:
  13. I'm not a fan of the classic boots, but have some other styles that I love. There are cold winters where I live and Uggs keep my feet warm and comfortable.
  14. The keep your feet warm they can be fashionable if you running to the store or going shopping but to events and parties they should not be worn.
  15. I love them!!