UGGS ! Comfy do or Fashion Dont ?

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Are Uggs IN or OUT?

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    They have never been IN!

    164 vote(s)
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    They were IN in 2002....but not any more...

    82 vote(s)
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    They are still IN for 2009!!! Wear them proud!

    341 vote(s)
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    Other....just because:-)

    106 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Well I hated them for so long, I would laugh at my friends,I held off for many years , Then a couple of Winters ago my girlfriend dragged me kicking and screaming to the shoe store to try a pair on, and that was it !! I now have the tall chestnut,light blue and yellow and the short black.I now believe they are a comfy do !! However I do have one pet peeve about them, I dont understand how these girls can wear them in the Summer ?

    So, Uggs are they a comfy do ? or Fashion dont ?
  2. I don't know... I've been saying for years how ugly the shoes are and how much I hate them!! Recently I tried a pair on and they are awesome, like walking on pillows, but they aren't good for Miami weather.
  3. I bought a pair two years ago, and I really loved them!! They're so comfy. At first I thought they were extremely ug(ly), but I got used to them. Now I don't wear them anymore, as it seems they're a bit out of fashion...(and everyone started wearing those awful fakes) But Belgium is not really known for its sense of fashion, so could you guys tell me, if they're still a 'do'?
  4. I don't care!!!!
    I too thought they were fUGGly, then I tried on a pair! I am in LOVE w/ my UGGS so much I bought a pair of houseshoes/mules so when I needed to take off my boots, I could go right into house-appropriate slippers! LOL! I've been lovin' mine for about 3 years now.
    I DO NOT fold them down and tuck my jeans into them though! ROFL!
  5. I love uggs! Very comfy and warm. I hate it when girls where them with mini skirts though. What's the point of wearing uggs when it's blazing hot outside?
  6. Just like everyone else - I was extremely against them when they first came out. I think what originally turned me off was seeing a picture in a magazine of Pam Anderson wearing Uggs with very short cut off jean shorts walking on the beach in LA. Plus all those other LA-girls wearing them with their skirts and tank tops.

    But this winter my friend got a pair of Uggs and kept telling me how warm and comfortable they are and finally convinced me to try them on. I ended up buying a pair of the short ones in Lilac. I still don't know if I would consider them a fashion do - but they keep my feet warm on cold winter days :smile:
  7. As I said on my other post, I've had them for the last 20 years and will wear them for 20 more years to come!!!
  8. I didn't like them until this year and they have now grown on me. In another post they were raving about them there too. Just please DO NOT WEAR THEM WITH SHORTS OR A BATHING SUIT this looks soooooo stupid! For those that have them, do you like the short or the tall better? I don't have any idea about height, but I like the tan and the blue, but I would only get 1 pair.
  9. I wear the short ones (classics) in the house as slippers and the tall ones (ultras) out. Talls are better in my opinion (for where I live!!!).
  10. I like Uggs but not those pastel colored things. I have a couple of pairs the Chelsea and the Brooklyn I think are the names. My feet are always cold so they are a necessity.
  11. I live in the moutains, so UGGs are a comfy do for me.
  12. It depends how you wear them. I have the tall chestnut with the braid on the back, and they are great for horse show days (which are always rainy and cold, for some reason). Good winter slip-ons.

    I always pull my jeans all the way over them. Personally, I think the half sticking out look is tacky and sloppy. I don't like tucking them in, but the schizo half-in/half-out look is gross. Don't even get me started on the half leggings fad. Ew.

    I don't mind them with skirts (except for w/ leggings) because it adds warmth and tones down a miniskirt (at 5', minis are the only skirts I'll wear). In the winter, I don't always want to wear heels and risk slipping on the ice. I don't own many flats and with "muscular" riding legs, I border on chunky. Uggs are a warm cover-up.

    I hate Ugg clogs. The moccassin slippers are cute, but the clogs and the wierd shaped slippers are dicey. I can't believe people wear them to school.

    It's funny how much guys hate Uggs, though.
  13. Well, I hated these things and never understood the hype. Then one day at Nordstrom, I decided to slip my foot in one. Oh boy, were they comfy! I ended up getting the brown short. I use it mainly to go to the grocery store under my sweats or jeans. I don't think of them as a fashion statement, just something to keep my toes warm when it gets cold (in San blood is thin). I don't think I'd own more than one pair though.
  14. they are horrible shoes.
  15. uggs are not going not care how many times they are on the fashion dont list they are too comfortable to walk away from!!!