UGGs: Classic Mini Boot

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  1. Does anyone have the classic mini Uggs? I was thinking of getting them to wear around the house. I already have two pairs of Uggs, Sunset and Classic short, which I have worn for now only at home but as I live mainly up in the cold north I want to start using them outside as well. Has anyone seen them in a store (probably only in US) or are they sold only online?
  2. victoria secrets ships international. It's much cheaper than in europe
  3. I'm going to NYC in a few months so I'll probably get them from there if I'm able to find a pair. But thanks for the tip!
  4. i know nordstrom sells them but you will have to go to white plains fot them. You're a lucky ** for going there! I really like the city and the cheap ugg's Most stores don't ship here and right know everything is sold out!