UGGS-a good winter boot?

  1. OK-I really want to buy a pair and my stepdaughter is pushing me telling me how much I will love them. I like them-but, I live in NY-where it snows-are they any good for that? Would I be able to wear them through snow?

    BTW-due to the fact of my "healthy" calves-i can only buy the short ones, though, I see they have 2 different types in the short version. Thanks
  2. The problem with Ugg boots in NYC is that when it snows here, it gets extremely wet and genuine sheepskin is not waterproof. Scotch-guarding and other means of weatherproofing can help but must be re-applied and really isn't meant for the kind of slushy puddles we get here in the city. I know others will probably swear by their Uggs but my friends that tried ended up with cold, wet toes at the end of the day. They did say that they were great for the non-snowy and wet, just plain cold days.
  3. Yeah-that is what I thought people would say. How about these UGGs? Think these would be better?


    Oh, I see you live in NY too-what kind of boots do you wear?
  4. I lived in NYC last year and wore mine all the time. I never got wet toes. I never did anything to try and avoid puddles either. I'm a klutz and walk right into them. I worked in SoHo and lived in Brooklyn, so I saw a few different types of roads (they plowed in SoHo, not so much in Brooklyn). I even wore them during the blizzard last year. My DH bought some that are suede on the upper portion and leather on the bottom, so you may be able to get a smaller version of those. I moved to Northern Ohio and I still plan on wearing them in the snow (I also bought another pair!).

    Also, look at some of the Born brand. They usually have leather 'feet' and suede uppers. Not quite as comfy, but still really useful.
  5. ^^Yes, I HIGHLY recommend that pair if anyone is looking to buy Uggs.
    That pair is F A R more durable than they're less expensive counterparts.
    They are reinforced and hold their shape forever, are considerably thicker nad have a special lining on the bottom to insulate batter.
    The other style will lose it's shape as it's noticably thinner when you try them on, you can actually see the tips of your toes in the other pair when you wiggle them.

    I just picked up this color at Nords' last week, it's my 2nd pair.
    I've worn the first pair for 5 yrs and they're still in great condition.
    I bought this new pair because I wanted a different color and the first pair has always been slightly too big.
    Size down if possible ;)
  6. OK Swanky-I can't go against you! LOL! Plus, the sole on these looks like it would hold up to snow better.

    Do I have to buy a size smaller than I normally wear with these also? I am an 8 in everything-should I get a 7 in these? I am going to order them online at Nordstrom's-that's the best price I have found.
  7. My daughter has a pair of Uggs, and she bought them in her regular size. We also got some of the protectant to spray on them.
  8. I usually wear 8 or 8.5, and the size 8 Uggs fit me perfectly. They are intended to wear barefoot, so if you're going to wear socks, the 8 might fit you just fine.
  9. So funny you make this post - I'm in New Paltz (upstate NY - between Albany and Manhattan - I for school - and I have 5 pairs of classic shorts. I've pretty much ruined 2 pair in the New Paltz snow. Per the recommendation of some fabulous ugg-loving PF'ers, I went to a store nearby here that sells uggs to try on the ultra's. I tried on the talls, which were tight on my calves, and they had no ultra shorts :sad: The thing about the ultras that I don't like though is that the toe is more pointed than the classics. I don't like that - but it may be because I have 5 pairs of shorts and so I'm used to the more rounded look - I don't like the pointed look :sad: but they'd work better in the snow for sure because the classics have ZERO grip.
  10. Nishi, if you are an 8 or slightly bigger, I'd go w/ an 8.
    I'm usually an 8 but sometimes a 7.5 so I went w/ 7. Uggs run a little generous.
  11. Yeah, I wish they had more reinforced styles. :sad: Damn you, Canadian winter!
  12. I love my Uggs. Have had a pair for about 6 years. Very comfortable to wear. My feet are never cold when I wear these boots.

    Buy a smaller size if you are not going to wear socks. They are more comfortable without socks.
  13. I'm finally buying some and I'm so excited! :yahoo:

    I want these:

    ...its a new color and its backordered on til 12/15/06! :wtf:
    Where else can I find these?
    Should I buy off eBay? :confused1:
  14. Ohh... I just noticed my pair is a different style from Nishi's... did you post the Ultra Short?

    PS-I kinda like these Sunburst too..
  15. that last pair will last A LOT longer than the first pair:yes: