uggs..a few questions

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  1. I have decided that I need a pair of Uggs to keep my feet warm and cozy this winter. I know that I want a short (not tall or mini) pair in brown. I just have a few questions for all you experts:

    1. Do they run true to size?
    2. Where is the best place to get a deal on them? Any online tips or codes would be appreciated.

  2. I have found that they run big. I don't know about deals - I would order from Nordstrom's since they have a great return policy.
  3. They run around true to size. It depends on the style that you are buying. I typically wear a 9.5-10 in normal shoes, and both of my Uggs (classic short) are size 9. My mom normally wears a size 8.5 and her Uggs (classic short) are a size 7.

    I'd suggest going to a store and trying on the style that you're interested in buying, and then searching around the internet.

    I got my UGGs from an online website..I can't remember the exact name of it. It was something like Fleece footwear or something?? IDK. They're authentic though. While I was looking around for my first pair, I saw that they had them on J. Jill, Zappos (which has very good CS and great testimonials on a lot of their shoes) and Nordstrom :smile:
  4. Well, I normally wear a 7 and the 6 fits well. I can move my feet around, etc., but there are a couple of issues that I've had with Uggs..One is that for some reason, my right foot developed a really painful blister on the back (ouuuchhh) - and it wasn't because it was too small! Maybe rubbing weird? And the other thing was that the dye on the inside sherpa rubbed off on my feet! I have the Classic Tall in Black - and thought I had some horrible disease because my toenails actually seeped up some of the black!!! I know you're supposed to wear them barefooted, but I'm thinking now I have to wear little black socks inside. I know they're real because I bought them at Nordstroms. A little disappointed. At least if I get the pink Uggs, my nails will already be painted when I take them off!;)
  5. i wear a size 6 and i got a 5 and they fit perfect
  6. Be careful if you buy black Uggs..They turn my daughters feet BLACK everytime she wears them..ROFL..I swear..They say thats NORMAL???!!!
  7. I went down a size in my Uggs--Classic short
  8. -I wear a size 7.5 and get my Uggs in size 7
    -I've gotten mine on with a discount(now gone) and actually saw some chestnut and sand talls at my TJ Maxx today for $99

    I actually have question(if you don't mind me adding on here!) what is the best way to clean your Uggs? I have black classic shorts that are getting dirty and the Ugg cleaning solution. Someone told me to take a cloth with cleaning solution on it and rub it onto the boot then take another cloth with warm water to clean it afterwards?
  9. I clean my uggs by holding them under lightly-running tap water. I soak them under the water and then rub the leather with my hands lightly so all the dirt comes off :smile:

    After that, I take a roll of paper towels and pat the outside of the boots so they aren't dripping wet anymore. I then take some more paper towels (or towels/old tshirts) and stuff the insides of the boots so that they don't lose their shape or form any weird wrinkles and place them on a towel to dry :smile:

    PS: I've never used a cleaning solution on my UGGs. Watch out though, the color may bleed! I have raspberry uggs (and Sand) and my raspberry ones always bleed a little bit when I wash them :smile:
  10. Lamiastella, thanks for the tip! I have some white(probably from snow/salt) on my black uggs that I need to clean out. Good idea to stuff the boots so they don't lose shape. I hadn't thought of that at all.
  11. Go down a size! I have both a size 6 and a size 5. I normally wear a size 6 in other shoes, but the size 5 Ugg is much more comfortable.
  12. they run big. I went down 1 size. I bought one pair at for around $70 during the summer and a random blue pair at tjmaxx for $25
  13. I used ugg cleaner and didn't dalute it and it took color OFF of mine :sad:
  14. Whoa! Did it take it off completely like bleach or did it fade?
  15. YES and I find the blacks are stiffer, less soft, and tighter than my other pairs!