uggs!!! 20% off

  1. is having a paypal promotion 20% off and UGGs are supposed to be EXCLUDED but i just placed an order and it worked! so for now use code paypal20 to get 20% off uggs at!! (until they figure it out) :yahoo:
  2. Awesome deal, except I'm trying to cut back on spending until I can get all my Christmas shopping done.

    Do you know when this code expires?
  3. im SURE as soon as they realize it works on uggs when its not supposed to they will change it but i dont know when it expires
  4. Thanks!! Just bought a pair of the Uggs Sandra boot.:tup:
  5. they dont have my size :crybaby:

    20% is a really good deal for uggs
  6. YAY just placed my order. Been looking for a code. Too bad they didn't have black talls in my size
  7. i hate so even though this is a great deal, never going to order from them.
  8. OMG I am going to try and see if its works.
  9. aw, how come?
  10. Lucky Rewards has 12% cash back.
  11. mello....what happened?
  12. too bad they don't have the normal uggs.....or the crochet in my size
  13. Ughhh I have a new love afair with the Koolaburra Truth & Honor Uggs... but they are $399! Plus, I live in South Fla.. can't really justify the splurge but seriously, soooo adorable!! :love:
  14. code expires 12/21
  15. but must u pay through paypal??