Uggh My first leather bag and I cannot Enjoy it!

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  1. Okay so I did look through the "CLEANING YOUR RM" thread but cannot find the answers to my questions...

    I guess this is just a *rant*

    anyway, i got my wine nikki a few days ago and already after the first day it got scratched!!! i feel so cautious when i carry it, like i cant enjoy carring it without worrying!! i really dont know what to do, i mean ladies, this is my FIRST leather bag (soft leather) and i'm kinda getting annoyed with how cautious i have to be. I guess my question is will treating the leather make it less easy to scratch? is that the main purpose of treating leather bags?

    I dont know what to do!!! :confused1: and everyday when i take her out i find a NEW scratch!! and i also found some black scuff marks :sad: it really pisses me off!!! shes only a few days old!!! and i only took her out about 3 times!!!

    any help ladies??
  2. hmm, i feel the same way but i guess the nikki is more noticable since its all smooth and flat. Maybe theres some sorta of a leather spray that protects the leather from be scratched?
  3. i used to be like this too, but not with a nikki. it was with my morning after bag, my first leather bag. i was soo scared to take her out and use her in fear of scratching or ruining her. but then i just sucked it up and said "i spent all this money on this gorgeous bag and she will be used"...and i never really looked back. i haven't had many problems with it.
  4. ^^Your nikki doesnt scratch that easily i'm guessing?

    did you do anything with your MAB like treat it with anything to prevent any scratches?

    I know i wish i could do that with my nikki, and i think after a while i will end up just taking her out and not caring, but then again i dont want a whole bunch of scratches and scuff marks on her!!
  5. Lovin My Bags really helped with my Blue Stonewash, a type of leather that is prone to scratching easily. This "pro-treatment" is a bit pricey at $17/ 2 oz. but if you're looking for some peace-of-mind, this may be your solution.

    There are less expensive conditioners, like the Apple Garde, which is just as effective. Personally, after having tried both, I prefer LMB. I have never tried it on Wine leather so be cautious.
  6. ^^ooh pricey! thanks for the link though.. so you just spray and wipe off the scuff/scratch marks and it buffed it out??

    yeah im kind of scared also with the wine leather!

    anyone with wine leather tried these products???
  7. I think a leather conditioner, like one of the ones Crazy4Handbags mentioned, will help make the leather more pliable and soft, and hopefully, that will help it from getting more scratches since it won't be as stiff. Also, I would suggest getting a stain/water repellent as well (since you're shopping for leather stuff anyway) so that you won't have to deal with THAT in the future.
  8. It comes in a little jar, like an eye-cream jar. It's tiny! Anyway, you dab a little onto a sponge that they give you, and you apply it all over your bag, then you blow dry on high setting with your hair dryer, then you repeat. I like to let it sit through a night before using it. This jar of magic is a preventative measure. But before going crazy with scratches (I do it too), try NOT to think of them as flaws but CHARACTER that you've added to your belongings. :smile:
  9. I am not sure about the Nikki in particular, but I have had great luck with Apple Care conditioner on all my leather bags. Some of them have leather that was VERY prone to showing scratches, and the Apple not only got rid of the ones that were there, but has minimized them scratching more. I think is still offering 20% off - check the deals and steals for the coupon code. HTH!
  10. I think you really have to keep in mind that it is leather and it IS going to scratch, it's inevitable! The first few scratches are of course going to be the hardest on you and the most noticeable, to you that is, but with time and use I think they will become less of an issue and it will add to the bags charm and character!
  11. SO i'm not CRAZY? heheh so all of you ladie's RM bags have scratches on it and everything???? Ugh thank God! that makes me feel SO much better...I'm wondering if I should even treat it at all now LOL..i wonder if celebs treat their RM bags..probably not as they can just afford to get a brand new one if it gets messed up lol
  12. Haha. I wouldn't go as far as to say we don't treat them because we WANT scratches, but just that some scratching is natural. So don't sweat it too much and make sure to take preventative measures to make sure something truly icky doesn't happen to your bag. :yes:
  13. The light scratches that I sometimes get on my bag buff out with my Apple Guarde leather conditioner.. I always condition my bags and use a protectant. I am very careful with my bags too.. I totally baby them. I realize that they are bags and meant to be enjoyed but I can't help but baby them!
  14. I agree with crazy!! Trust me in no time you'll be very use to carrying around your leather bag!! Surprisingly to me its the easiest to take care of now! Canvas always gets dirty, and suede is a pain too! And since leather is a natural source- like c4h said think of it as adding character to your bag :yes:
  15. I use the Apple Guard conditioner and Rain Protectant Spray (forgot the brand) on all my RMs. I have a stonewash blue leather RM as well which is my favorite. It gets used alot and takes a beating but has held up real well to scratching. Like the ladies say, it's inevitable there will be a few scratches on you bag after use. It's ok to try to be cautious and careful but IMO the worst thing you can do to a bag is over-baby it and not enjoy bringing it outside with you! I'm sure the scratches on your wine will buff out with conditioner.