uggh I'm so frustrated! and I officially hate ebay!

  1. So I bought a brand new Batignolles Vertical about 3 weeks ago from the Saks in Beverly Hills...2 weeks after I got it, I decided to sell it because I just wasn't in love with it. By that time, I had used it probably no more than 6 I sold it on eBay to this person who seemed to really want it and incredibly nice. But today I get to my computer just to see an email from her saying that the brass was tarnished, there are 5 scratches and 3 cracks! Huh? Did I miss something? For one thing, I KNOW that is not true because I looked it over super carefully...secondly, how would that even be possible? It was literally 2 weeks old - there is no way the brass could be tarnished or there could be cracks! I'm so upset! What should I do?:cursing:
  2. This is the reason I hate eBay too! If the person has excellent feedback then I would do the best I could to make them happy, but this is where buyers do the "bait and switch." They will keep your REAL bag and send you back a FAKE one, be careful.

    Ask for pics of the "damage" and go from there. You should have detailed pics of your bag from the auction to prove that it is real and new... Good Luck sweetie!
  3. ^that's just the thing...the person has 99.8% positive feedback and a score of 1204! So I doubt they would just lie and make that up since they've only gotten 1's so frustrating because I was so helpful! I emailed her a copy of the receipt, and when she asked if she could call the store to make sure it's authentic, I sent her the address, telephone number, fax number, and store hours! WTH?
  4. I bet its buyers remorse. Stick to your guns, don't allow refund.
  5. Oh gosh....I hate eBay!!! I used to sell on there a lot and now I'm trying to avoid it like the plague. I just keep hearing all these horror stories.
  6. ^^^ Yes, I agree.

    Ask the buyer to send pictures of the "damage" that they claim the bag has and compare it to the pictures that you had in the auction.

    In your eBay auction, did you have a return policy description or did you mention that "all sales are final"?
  7. ^^^^^^it says refund only if proven to be unauthentic...also, she sent me money through paypal, and then I ended the listing, so it wasn't really through ebay...does that make any difference?
  8. okay...she says that she contacted her leather repair shop and they say it will be $60 to "repair" and buff the so-called "scratches"...she said she'll be satisfied and happy if I pay her half of that. What should I do?
  9. Hmm, but there's no mention from the buyer that it was unauthentic, so, no refund for them. They got a 2 week old, barely used purse. What more do they want? Wait, did you end the auction with the buyer being the highest bidder? If you did, then it's still part of ebay, regardless of whether you ended it early. Now, if you went outside of ebay and did a transaction, then it's not part of ebay.
  10. NO, it's not your responsbility, she had the ability to ask whatever questions, and she got what she bought, it's NOT your responsibility for HER purse now. Money would ONLY be exchanged IF it was proven unauth, which it isn't, so any other money is on the buyer, NOT you. Sounds like she wants some of her money back... through other, unconventional methods, and she prolly thinks that you're going to bend over backwards. She didn't buy it at LV, where she has the luxury to complain to a SA, and possibly exchange it for her own negligance.
  11. If its was me i'd just pay the half and get over it.. 30 is not a lot of money.. Take it as a lesson learned..
  12. No, I did it outside of highest bidder. :crybaby:+:cursing: = me right now
  13. Did she send you pics of the so-called damage? I wouldn't pay for a thing until you see evidence of it!
  14. Ugh how annoying. This is why I will NEVER sell anything designer on ebay. I don't want to deal with people like that, I can barely get them to read my auctions where it clearly states that a dvd set has been watched once, not new (and yet they still email their frustration because they were under the impression it was unopened). So I would NOT be able to deal with people like THAT.
    I'd also ask for the pics of the damage.
  15. I had a situation similar to this and I did the same thing...ended the auction early to sell to this person outside of ebay. Trust me...I'll never do that again! She filed a chargeback with her cc company and paypal put a negative balance on my account and I couldn't use it until I got it resolved. It took a couple of months to finally get it all straightend out. Oh, and since the transaction took place thru paypal, they 'supposedly' disputed the chargeback on my behalf, but I highly doubt they actually did, b/c the cc company decided in her favor. Had they actually spoken to me, I really feel they would have sided with me. At any rate, definitely let it be a lesson and not end auctions early any more! Sorry you're having to deal with this!!!