Uggh, has anyone returned items that were shipped?

  1. So my best friend wanted the Silver Miroir Papillon so badly, I was like I'll just get it for you so you will shut up about it and you can just pay me when my AmEx statement comes in or w/e. BIG MISTAKE. Like a week after getting it, she's like... I think I should have gotten something else for $1300. I was thinking... are you kidding me? I just spent all that time looking for one for you and now you want to return it.. anyways, we're not mad at each other I just need some answers. I had to order it from the LV at Valley Fair. Do I have to ship it back there for a refund, or can I just ship it to my closest LV(which is 2 hours away)? Either way, it's going to be shipped- it's just a WHOLE LOT cheaper to ship it to the ATL Boutique consider I have to insure it and shipping it to Cali I would have to do it 2 day air to get it there in time(before the 14 days are over). Has anyone done this before? THANKS!
  2. You should call 866 Vuitton and explain the situation and maybe they can assist with the return. It might be safer if they would provide you with a RETURN MERCHANDISE NUMBER which you must write on the receipt and this is also on their database in case your merchandise is delayed for some unforeseen reason. Call them now and ask for their advice. It doesn't hurt and might save you some frustration.
  3. Heh, I'm such an idiot-I dont know why I didnt think of that. I just got off the phone with them. I can! That saves a lot of frustration. Does anyone know about international returns or is that a BIG NO NO? I probably should have asked on the phone, but I could already tell he was getting tired of me. I'm just asking because I'm trying to get my friend the sophie(a different one thank God) and there is a possibility is could come from Japan. Hopefully they arent sold out!
  4. nope, never returned even when I'm not 100% satisfied... However, I think I need to ask you why are YOU returning it? Your friend wanted it in the first place, you were just doing her a favor, and now that she doesn't want it anymore, SHE should return it.......... or maybe I don't understand the situation....but this is what I call responsibility (not you lol, your friend)........ Even if the purchase was made under your name and AMEX card...still, it's her prob.....sorry if this is a bit harsh for her
  5. Wow what a friend, all that for a bag that she isnt happy with now ?
    I'd return it and say TBF get your own bag now.
  6. Eva... Her friend can't return it because it's her Amex we're talking about. And if you have and Amex card you would know how strict they are with returns. You have to be card holder I've been there and was so embarrassed because they would let me credit my dh a/c because I can't sign for him. Really felt stupid.
  7. You will definitely have problems with overseas purchases. Why don't your friend just buy her own bag with her credit card?
  8. This is probably going to sound stupid but I'm telling everyone(at least my good friends that I KNOW will pay me back) to let me make the big purchases so I can be offered a Centurion card. You have to spend like 250k a year and I'm like nowhere near that. Hopefully with all of the purchases I can have one by '08. Anyways, back to LV- no international returns?

    I'm also going to Rome/Paris for two weeks this summer.. planning on buying some LV there too, but I just want to make sure I could return it(dont want to buy anything TOO ridiculous)
  9. I think she just meant to return the bag, then tell the friend to get her own bag next time. :yes:
  10. ^Sorry LVbabydoll, bad grammar. I meant her friend can't make the return because it is OP's Amex card.
  11. hey pinki!

    ya, in my previous post I did realize that it's an AMEX, but iono....I still think it's her friend's prob lol (i'm mean lol, oh well, probably not in a good mood now:sweatdrop: ). Also, I didn't know that it was that strict cuz I've payed with my dad's AMEX before (I pay my dad back after tho) and everything was fine.......:shrugs:
  12. Eva :flowers:, Hope you feel better maybe some hot chocolate.:idea: Perhaps your dad has you as an authorize user on his card? Possibility. I don't know maybe Amex only gives spouses problems. I have had problems all year long. Maybe I should be single, again.:sad:
  13. If you want to earn the Amex points for a Centurion card. You should talk to your friends or family about this. Be there personal shopper. Have them give you cash or write you a check for the purchases and you do the shopping this way you can be sure you're qualify for that Amex Centurion card.
  14. glad you were able to resolve that so quickly lol
  15. IMO; you shouldn´t worry about it. She wanted it, you got it for her, it has been shipped and you paid it. She should pay the amount to you and figure out if she wants to resell the bag.