UGGGH Zant of the day

  1. I currently live in Hong Kong and will be posted here for another two months .... just out of curiouslity I finally made it to the part of town where all the cruise ship passengers are let out so they can buy souveniers and stuffs and talks about fakes ... OH MY GOD ... they have chanel styles that don't even exist!!!! they have wallets with the double c's in the middile where the wallet folds, they have LV's in the styles that hae not even been released to the public yet ,,, you know that one bag that no one can afford - the one withthe removable link chain ... there was a copy for 450HKD ... which comes to less than $60 US!!!...they have balenciaga colors i know balenciaga would never even conside releasing - like turd brown...

    it was awful .... it got worse stall after stall ....and the HK/Chinese police don't do a thing
  2. :throwup: If you really want to see some 'bad' ones go to the ladies market....OMG