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  1. OK for the last time isn't the classic flap bag also known as the 2.55? Or 6 or 7 depending on the size? I know the Classic has been reissued so that also would be a 2.55 and so on....

    please tell me that i am not going crazy ... my SA thinks they are two separate bags ...
  2. Classic Flap and 2.55 are two different bags. The closure is different as well as the bottom (2.55 is not flat on the bottom as the Classic Flap). Also, a Classic Flap has leather woven through the chain while 2.55 has just a chain. Plus, Classics come in caviar while 2.55s don't. They look similar but they are NOT the same bags. But I'm sure the ladies that have more experience with Chanel can help you more.
  3. I know it's very confusing and a lot of the sales associate are confused as well. The original flap bag was designed by Coco Chanel and then released in February 1955 - hence the name 2.55. The original looks exactly the same as the reissues. Over the next 50 years there would be updates to the original 2.55 such as changing the turn lock from the original mademoiselle closure to the CC closure, or changing the chain to the updated chain with the leather interwoven.

    The 2.55 comes in 5 sizes (224, 225, 226, 227, 228) the "classic flap" comes in (east/west = small, medium, and jumbo). Although there are a few variations on the classic size as well (there have been tiny flaps).

    Technically they are the same bag, one borne out of the other, but style wise they are different. So was that confusing enough?
  4. jeez...i think i had the two mixed up this whole time too. Thanks for clarifying!
  5. I'm a bit confused, too. Does this exist: east/west flap in caviar with a MADEMOISELLE clasp? If so, how much?

    I've seen the diamond shine that kind of fits this description in the reference.
  6. They are two separate kind of bags.
  7. Yes, that was quite confusing enough, thanks for asking......:P


  8. I don't believe they do -- at least not yet! :P