Ugg stockists in NYC?

  1. I'm going to nyc very soon and uggs are much cheaper in the us than in the uk.

    can anyone tell me stockists of uggs in nyc? i'm wanting the ultra tall in black or chestnut with the stitching up the back. anybody guide me as to where to get them in nyc?
  2. Try going to Macys. They shouldn't be that hard to find.
  3. bloomingdales and david z chain stores.
  4. Macys and Bloomingdales are the first place to go.
    But Journeys also sell uggs, thats where I got my most recent uggs.
    Have fun!
  5. Try David Z or even the UGG store itself!
  6. Ugg store?:confused1:
    Where about is that in NY?:nuts:
  7. thanks guys!
  8. just thought i'd let you all know, i bought the sundance boots in chestnut from Saks.

    they were such a bargain compared to here in the uk, they were $200, when they're £190 in my home city!
  9. :nuts: Congrats honey:biggrin:
    I saw the sundance sand in Saks last week, but yet again they don't have a size 7:tdown: